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Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam

hum tumhare hain sanam
hum tumhare hain sanam

 Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam

Tumhare Khayalon Ki Duniya Yahi Hai

ہم نے درد ہزاروں پائے عشق تمہاری گلیوں میں
 لوگ تماشہ دیکھنے آئے عشق تمہاری گلیوں میں
  ہجر کی لو سے بچنے والے جاتے بھی کس اور  مسافر
 ہر جا   پھیلے    درد  کے  سا ئے عشق   گلیوں  میں
 ایک مدت سے آس تھی  جن کی موڑ مہار وہ آئے ہیں
 الجھے الجھے اور گھبرائےعشق تمہاری گلیوں میں
 اس بستی کی  اور نہ  جانا اپنا آپ  گنوا دو  گے 
ہرکوئی شور مچاتا جائےعشق تمہاری گلیوں میں
 ہم کو سب سمجھانے والے  خود پر بیتی جان گئے
زاہد ناصح ہم نے  پائے  عشق  تمہاری  گلیوں میں
ایک آوارہ پاگل مجنوں جس کو لوگ کہیں سب قلزم
بٹھا ہے زلفیں بکھرائے عشق تمہاری گلیوں  میں
हमें आपकी गलियों में हजारों दर्द मिले
  लोग शो देखने आते हैं, अपनी गलियों में प्यार करते हैं
  हज की गर्मी से और कौन बचता है?
  प्यार सड़कों पर हर जगह दर्द की तरह फैल जाता है
  थोड़ी देर के लिए उम्मीद थी कि वे नियंत्रण में आ गए हैं
  अपनी गलियों में उलझा हुआ और उलझा हुआ प्यार
  इस शहर में मत जाओ और तुम अपने आप को खो देंगे
अपनी गलियों में सभी को शोर करने दो
  जिन लोगों ने हमें समझाया था, वे अपना अतीत जानते थे
ज़ाहिद नसीह हमें आपकी गलियों में प्यार मिला
एक भटकते पागल पागल जो लोग सभी को लाल कहते हैं
  आपकी गलियों में बिखरा हुआ प्यार है

There is a lot of pain in love. No one can deny the fact that the dog that Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam  falls into it has no knowledge of the world. People start calling him a crazy wanderer who annoys him a lot. Someone in the street of love Can only pass because this

destination is very difficult and hangs it on the cross. Its destination is not available to everyone to avoid it but it is not just a matter of anyone in it. Can’t find.


                           Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam Sab Kuchh Bhula Diya

Meetings that have taken place in a beautiful moment do not forget the words of love. Promises of fidelity that claim not to be separated and say that you are a fetish. Feelings and emotions in their love.

It seems that it becomes very difficult to spend the day. As it has become so long, it does not seem to Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam be cut off quickly. Every hour it feels restless in its desire that no one else is visible except it. Every sorrow is forgotten in their love.

The memory of fidelity is very painful when Happiness is equal to this extent, then the heart is on the point that our love will not be seen. 


  Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam

Happiness and love will never be able to bear the trauma of small separation from our hands. In this, the Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam heart feels that There is nothing wrong with us in fidelity, but the reality is the opposite, as we think, you may be sincere and the hypocrite with you may be the one who has ever tied the knot, the one who has let go of the foot. Your promise,

that intention, everything is remembered, then the breaths are always in your memory, don’t cry for us, we have made it clear to you that we have to live with you. The moon is always in the stars with birth.

 When I feel you, it seems as if there is a shining jewel of stars, a fragrant valley of flowers, a time Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam of happiness. This flower is your ornament. The moon is your mirror. It is as if the bridegroom’s chest is beating.

Your beauty is such that every mirror wants to see
you. You are like a flower and the light of the eyes. Seeing you, it seems that you are so beautiful. I pray that you will always be happy and no sorrow will ever come to you. Be so beautiful. You do not see any lack. It seems as if your

fragrance spreads everywhere. Fall is a good quality and the one to whom you belong is also of good quality. 

As if we have entered a beautiful valley, a beautiful dream, which is like reality, the beauty of your voice also takes us to many memories, then those promises, those memories, those moments begin to be remembered and oaths of fidelity.

We believe that the way we love you, you love us so much and you will never deceive us and Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam will never leave us alone because whenever we are alone We feel you all the time, whether we are alone or in a party, our minds are on you. 


What can we do? We are sad and we are very happy when we see you.
Payments have driven us very crazy. The world of madness has taken over our heads. We seek you every happiness. I wish you were ours. Doing so gives us peace of mind and makes us feel so happy that we think of you as  Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam  herbal.

We have promised you that we belong only to you and will remain yours. This promise of fidelity will never be false. We have always been loyal to you and we can never imagine separating from you.

We worship you so much, we are so in love with you and we want to see you happy forever and grief will never come to you, your grief will come to us, we will see your style, we will see such a beautiful sight.




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