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Should I Post My Poetry Online

Publishing your poetry online is a best way to reach a wider audience and share your creative expression.

Whether you want feedback and exposure, you can find a site that suits your needs and goals. Most of them make registering easy, so you can very quickly submit your poems. Some also have contests, challenges, and other features that can help you improve your craft and discover new opportunities.

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10 Free poetry submission sites

  1. All Poetry
  2. My Poetic Side
  3. Hello Poetry
  4. Poem Hunter
  5. Post Poems
  6. Commaful
  7. Writers Cafe
  8. Wattpad
  9. Inkitt
  10. Medium
  11. Self-publish your poetry

10 Free poetry submission sites
If you love writing poetry you are trying to find readers on social media.

Should I Post My Poetry Online
Should I Post My Poetry Online

It can help, but Facebook and Twitter are not ideal platforms for poetry.

Many platforms have commenting systems, so you can get feedback and the engage more with your readers.

But after you will be ready to publish your poems online.

If you want to publish your poems online and make the new friends, My Poetic Side is well worth trying.

In fact, according to Statshow, the site attracts nearly 90,000 users every month.

So yes, it is very popular.

It also has a great blog with lots of informative posts and about poets and poetry.

Wattpad has a younger readership than many other sites, so it will be depend on the type of audience you are targeting.

It’s similar in many ways because it allows you to find new readers and gain feedback on your writing.

Inkitt has about seven million active users engaged on the site, so you have a very best chance of finding readers.

The site also has regular writing contests you can to enter.

Apart from using poetry sites to post your poems, you also have many free self publishing options for your poetry.

It’s not expensive, but you should check the price the depending on where you live.

If poetry is your passion, there’s nothing to stop you from getting your poems published online for readers to find.

It only takes a few minutes to register with the sites in the list above, and then you can the publish poetry online.

But if you only want to use a many of sites, I think My Poetic Side and Commaful look the most promising.

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