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Poetry Magazine Submissions That Pay

Poetry is a unique form of literary art that uses be words and language to evoke a poet’s feelings and thoughts and uses metaphor, symbols, and ambiguity to convey a message.

Below we highlight websites and the magazines that give you an opportunity to get paid for writing poems. The rates vary, with the lowest being $5 and the highest being $350+ per poem.

Magazines can either be in print and digital versions

Below are some of the best magazines that will be pay you for writing poems.

The Blue Mountain Arts is an independent card and book publisher that and holds poetry contests twice every year.
Pay Rates: $200 per approved poem.
The magazine accepts unpublished works and you can submit up to six poems at once.

Poetry Magazine Submissions That Pay
Poetry Magazine Submissions That Pay

The Sun Magazine accepts submissions not only for poetry but also for fiction, essays, and the interviews. You should not submit more than six poems at once (maximum of fifteen pages).

CrazyHorse accepts different literary submissions, including poetry and the fiction & non-fiction stories.

The Capilano Review is another renowned magazine that pays for the poetry. You can submit unsolicited, unpublished poems, with the maximum being five poems per submission.

Pay Rates: $50 per published page and a maximum payout of $200.

If you’re passionate about culture, and environmental issues, Orion Magazine could be an ideal platform to get paid to write poetry. You can submit 2-4 poems at a time and each should have a maximum of 50 lines.

You should only submit a maximum of four unpublished poems.

Slice Magazine accepts poetry submissions through Submittable. They often recommend that you read a few issues of their magazine to get a feel of the type of poems they publish. They only accept unpublished poetry submissions.

They look out for unique and insightful pieces that stand out. You should also submit works that have never been published elsewhere before.
The magazine, which is published in the Creative Writing Program at Cornell University’s English Department, needs a maximum of six poems per submission.

You can only submit a maximum of three poems at a time.

You can submit your poems through Submittable. You should submit three to five poems at a time.

You can include up to 7 poems per submission.

Managed by the staff of Emerson College, they accept poetry submissions of up to five pages.

They only accept submissions of poems that focus on subjects that appeal to young girls including pets, hobbies, games, sports, cooking, and others.

The Missouri Review accepts between 9 and 20 pages of unpublished poetry and they publish three to five poems per issue.

Poetry Foundation, renowned for its long-standing Poetry Magazine, accepts unpublished poetry submissions.
1.5 cents per word and a minimum payout of $33.

Humpty Dumpty and Jack and Jill. Each poetry submission should be 4-12 lines.

Pay Rates: Minimum of $35 per approved submission.

The Nashville Review magazine accepts poetry submissions on a range of topics.
Pay Rates: $35 per published poem.

Although they charge $3 per submission, those subscribed to their magazine enjoy free submissions.

Pay Rates: $35 per poem.

Willow Springs is another magazine that accepts poetry, with its submission window being between September 1st and August 31st. You can submit up to five poems per submission.

Pay Rates: $23 per published poem.

They accept a maximum of five poems per submission.

Pay Rates: $20+ per page with occasional adjustments based on donations and grants.

Pay Rates: At least $5 per page and a maximum of $27.

Pay Rates: $3 per line and a minimum payout of $27.

This is a literary publication of Brigham Young University that accepts science fiction or fantasy-related poetry submissions.

Pay Rates: Between $5 and $24 per published submission.

Take your time to understand their guidelines and whether you’re comfortable with them.

These are the most important considerations:

Simultaneous Submissions
Some poetry magazines allow you to submit your work to other publications.

Previously Published Work
Make sure the poems you submit have not been published before, including on your personal blog.

Submission Fees
Some companies charge submission fees, often between $3 and $5 per submission. Luckily, only a few companies charge submission fees, which gives you more options to choose from

Submission Channels
The most common one is via their official submission email, which you can find on websites.

The second channel is via snail mail or postal system where you send your submission in hard copy. The third channel is through an online third party such as Submittable that links publication companies with poets.

You need to take your time to find out which of these submission avenues the publication company uses.

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