Shiddat-e-Ishaq Khair ho Teri

Sad Poetry in urdu
Sad Poetry in urdu

شدت   عشق   خیر    ہو    تیری

کیسے عالم میں لا کے چھوڑ دیا

प्यार की तीव्रता आपके लिए अच्छी है

आपने दुनिया कैसे छोड़ दी?

Shiddat e Ishaq Khair ho Teri

Kaisy Aalam May La k Chor Diya

Shiddat-e-Ishaq Khair ho Teri

Sad poetry is poetry in which one's feelings can be expressed in a very good way. Famous Urdu poet Mir Taqi Mir is a great example for those who have included poetry in ghazal. You are an explanatory poet of classical Urdu poetry. Your ghazals were celebrated along with their simplicity and passage. His poetry offers an example of suffering and love that all of them desire.

 In this way you have achieved great status and become a great poet. His poetry was such that crowds of people were attracted to it. You know how to play with words through poetry. Syed Mohammad Jafari is a great poet who was famous for his satirical verses in his poetry.His poetry collection was published ten years after his love death. Criticism of the elements that harmed his society was one of the satires of his poetry.

 Shibli Nomani is also one of the famous poets of Urdu poetry. You were so attached to it that you have been fascinated with it since your childhood. He started writing poetry. He was an expert in writing poetry in Urdu as well as prose in Urdu. His poetry was Persian and Urdu.Thanks to sincere love and art, people still remember him with kind words and pay tribute to him, which is a matter of great pride.Shiddat-Ishaq-Khair

The season of fidelity

It's a natural thing to feel good and better every day that you feel happy because it requires you to spend time in a way that makes you feel better and time is a very important aspect of happiness. Everywhere you go you are emotionally happy and your feelings are good. The season of fidelity has returned. This season brings with it a colorful atmosphere and we have to enjoy it, people.

 Creating the awareness that they can feel good and live a good life is only possible when they have a good environment around them and for themselves and they feel happy everywhere and then they have a good awareness. There is a need for good feelings and relationships to have a happy life which plays an important role in maintaining an invaluable flower autumn for it. We need to adhere to it so that our life can be enlightened in every way.

 There are so many moments in my life that sometimes a person feels very happy and settles events like hopelessness in himself which can cause him a lot of harm. He also has to work with someone else to get rid of it so that he can move on to a better path in the future and in the present and create a higher position in the society and enable himself to be able to do it. Take advantage of and feel happy life. Shiddat-Ishaq-Khair

                                                      Shiddat e Ishq Novel

Novel is a long and unrealistic story in which deep experiences are narrated. Literary prose is also used in the novel. Usually fiction is also used to refer to the novel. Reflections that are not found in the works of history with clarity and detail The novel has become the standard of the novel as prose. There are several forms of the novel, including the classical early Greek language. Has written novels that have become very popular. Shiddat-Ishaq-Khair

                                                       Ishq shayari urdu 2 line

Ishq poetry is a favorite poetry of young people and that is why poets are more interested in writing it. Most of the poetry is preferred with two lines and most of the people are inclined towards it. Poets not only benefit from writing on what is more popular, but also enjoy reading two-line poetry. Shiddat-Ishaq-Khair

                                    Shiddat e Ishq novel by Mirha Shah

Mirha Shah is a famous novelist. You have written many new novels. You have written novels in a unique style. In addition, you have written many books which are very much liked by his people and you are very much a fan of them. Waiting for the arrival of your new novel. You made a name for yourself in writing a novel. Shiddat-Ishaq-Khair

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