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Love Poetry In Urdu


love poetry in urdu
love poetry in urdu

Love Poetry In Urdu

Love Poetry In Urdu


عشق  ہے  یا  فسوں  خدا  جانے

 کب ملے گا سکوں کو خدا جانے

ایک خوف خدا میں  شام  و سحر
 کس کا ہے سر نگوں خدا جانے
اک مسلسل ہے بے قراری  سی
کیا ہے وجہ  جنون خدا  جانے
ڈھل     گئے  جو  تخیل     میں
عشق ہے کہ وہ خوں خدا جانے
وصل کی ساعتیں  غنیمت  ہیں
کل رہوں نہ رہوں خدا  جانے 
خود میں ڈوبا ہوں اور سوچتا ہوں
کس  کنارے   لگوں خدا  جان
سب نے اظہر نقاب اوڑھے ہیں 
کس  کو اپنا   کہوں خدا   جانے 
प्रेम या जाल ईश्वर जानता है
  भगवान जानते हैं कि सिक्के कब मिलेंगे
ईश्वर के भय से एक शाम
भगवान किसके प्रमुख हैं
लगातार बेचैनी रहती है
  ईश्वर ने क्या कारण बताया है
कल्पना में ढाला
यह वह प्रेम है जिसे ईश्वर जानता है
कनेक्शन के घंटे खराब होते हैं
भगवान जानता है कि मैं कल रहूंगा या नहीं
मैं डूबा हुआ हूं और सोच रहा हूं
  भगवान जानता है कि मैं किस तरफ हूं
  सभी ने निकाह पहना है
ईश्वर जानता है कि मैं किसे अपना कहता ह
The destination of love is very big and difficult. It is very difficult to          know when peace is achieved in life. Whether it is morning or evening, there is always a fear in my heart.

 There is always anxiety and restlessness in my mind. There are also words that when they arrive, tears come to the eyes. Drowning in oneself does not seem to know in such a way that one does not understand whether the destination will be found or not. Not everyone in the world is sincere. 

It is very difficult to recognize someone because Hypocrisy is something that everyone wears in this dress is very difficult to avoid.love poetry in urdu

                       ROMANTIC LOVE POETRY IN URDU

Love/Romantic Poetry in Urdu – From several years, love poetry is an effective to express your feelings towards a person who is much special to you.  From a few years, the tradition of romantic shayari has seen major developments.

Now, people prefer  read romantic poetry in Urdu two lines instead of large poems. Urdu romantic poetry images along with romantic Urdu poetry 2 lines are  preferred by romantic poetry in Urdu for lover.

                        MOST  ROMANTIC  LOVE  POETRY IN URDU 

Love is the only reason for World’s existence. Love makes  world a place to live. Love Poetry is surely the Love Poetry In Urdu language of love is used to express your true emotions. Romantic poetry in Urdu two lines is a proved matter that poetry

enhances reader’s emotional life. It is a human factor  they relate Poetry to their personal experiences in life.

It requires, patience and attention of reader. It has been evolved many times and emerged several themes of romanticism. Romantic poetry in Punjabi is not just famous in East but also in West. It became popular in the era of  70s, 80s, and 90s.

Romantic  Poetry is not restricted to “lovers” but addresses to those who have experienced the desire to  loved. We have  heart touching and breathtaking awesome collection of romantic poetry  and love poems that

are romantic and gentle to perceive. Best poets in the world that is, Amjad Islam Amjad, Wasi Shah Daag Dehlvi, Parveen Shakir and many others. We hope our latest collection of 4 Lines Urdu Love Poetry will create an everlasting thought on you. Read, share and dedicate Love Poetry to your loved ones only on Urdu poetry wale.

                              ROMANTIC  LOVE  POETRY IN URDU FOR GIRL FRIEND

When a man loves someone, he feels as if no one is pulling him out of the river of sorrow and he has high hopes of escaping from it.
When a person loves someone, he forgets everything in his desire, and even more than that, if there is any love other than you, it will be a sin because I can’t stand it.
The lust of one’s own brings a person closer, as if feelings of happiness begin to emerge, but when it is hot, they weep with others in such a way that they do themselves a great disservice.

 He does not know what happens or destiny because he complains about it to himself and the result of separation is very painful in the evening because the person in whose desire and longing he spends day and night feeling it.

If he finds it, he gets nothing from it.
When he remembers, it seems as if the atmosphere of spring has come. Love should not be considered a game because love is an eternal thing and no one should be deceived in it because it destroys one’s life if Even good luck does not accompany love if it looks bad

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