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Tumhare Khayalon Ki Duniya Yahi Hai

Tumhare Khayalon Ki Duniya Yahi Hai
Tumhare Khayalon Ki Duniya Yahi Hai

                  Tumhare Khayalon Ki Duniya Yahi Hai

My Sanam is a promise. As long as there are breaths left, there Tumhare Khayalon Ki Duniya Yahi Hai will be no decrease in fidelity. Your life does not seem to be worth a single moment. There will be so much desire. No one else can fulfill such fidelity. 

Just be with you and you are with me. So there will be no grief without you. How much hope there is for you. There is a promise to you. What we have said from the heart is love. It can never be separated. No one in the world seems to feel the beating. It is a part of life and life is incomplete without it.

 Happiness is included in this hope and it is a strange story. It is the world. Sometimes we meet, sometimes we get separated. This hope is reflected in the expression of emotions in the eyes, in a charming way,

it is even more satisfying, it is comforting, it is satisfying, it is an important aspect of the expression which is one of them. Creates a good mood.

It can give a good impression in economic life and it can have negative aspects. Internal and external affairs are important aspects of life. Reflect the halo that have a profound effect on and support him and show that political and economic relations play an important role in him as he is sanctified and peace is maintained. Can live.

                                   KHAYALON KI DUNIYA TERE SANG

There are lost days, there is lonely night, it’s just a matter of a few days, we don’t even get to meet. What kind of meeting is this? There is spring in the heart or there is fire in the heartbeat in the rain.


Why is this distance? How is it in love? What is necessary? We will die. We will come to our day. Oh my thoughts, no one comes to mind except you. The intoxication of madness is riding on your head so much that nothing feels good Tumhare Khayalon Ki Duniya Yahi Hai except you and nowhere does the heart feel so much that you are so overwhelmed that you can’t get out of your memories.

 And sometimes we feel sad. Living alone in the imaginary world has become a habit but it may be against the reality because it cannot happen in life as we think. If it happens then it is a matter of luck. And there are so many lucky people in the world. We still remember them today.


 Maybe it’s not enough for me to forget such moments. I remember when my heart went crazy when I saw you and Tumhare Khayalon Ki Duniya Yahi Hai you She used to smile at me. Such performances stole my heart. When the arrows of the eyes move, they make a mark on the heart.

We have realized today that it is not difficult for the heart to escape in such a situation. And if it is taken away, it does not meet the heart at all. It is difficult to understand the heart. The heart is mad.

There are so many wonderful deals of love. When man is happy, he thinks that he is like a falcon flying in front of which the Tumhare Khayalon Ki Duniya Yahi Hai height of the sky is too low. He has reached such a height. Remember those who are based on the regret that no one has been sincere with them in life




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