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Evening And Morning Star


                                            Evening And Morning Star

Singing in love can make the heart so crazy that Evening And Morning Star separation cannot be imagined. Silence is like a punishment in such a situation. The beating of the heart can be due to desire. Sleep is a chain. All are forms of it.

Nothing happens without it. If it could feel like this, then why is it different from me? Then feel like this, blend yourself in such a color and feel adopted.


 If you are beautiful like love, then delicacy comes. This is the difference between the two. But there is faith. Your face keeps moving in your eyes. Remembering, then what to do if people get upset, but if Sanam gets upset, then what to do, if you are in solitude, getting lost in the world of thoughts, getting lost in memories.

 Do what those who are thirsty for it was heartwarming for fun but it got it for the rest of our lives. The fragrance of love is fragrant in our breath. The true pearls of fidelity shine like the beautiful drops of dew, but over time their luster seems to fade. It may or may not happen because it all depends on how far one reaches the destination and what one will get out of it.

When it is morning, there is a beautiful scene and its splendor creates a very beautiful Evening And Morning Star atmosphere which offers a good view. Even in the dark evenings, as they present with them a very beautiful scene which is very worthwhile. Admiration is their own dream. Now it seems as if they are getting a good proof from the light of day.


Lust for each other gives them a message of love which doubles the happiness in their life and also the sorrow in their life. There are and share happiness and this is used to confuse others so that their honor is taken care of and there are tears in their desires alone and what is promised to them that they will be more than them. Will want them

When love exceeds the limit, man begins to live like a dervishes because in Evening And Morning Star fact he begins to see the right aspects of life and the throne becomes the floor, his eyes are everywhere and his heart is not without his beloved. It seems and becomes a stubbornness. It seems like the light of the moon and its life is not good.

 Happiness adds more, but when it comes to sorrow, I am constantly the one who teaches a lot. He doesn’t like anything, he thinks every party is incomplete, he thinks every floor is incomplete, his eyes feel like  Evening And Morning Star summer season has come and his eyes are getting wet with tears, he remembers every moment.

When small dreams come to life, his success increases even more. He remembers these beautiful moments and his happiness and purpose also increase because it is like a good feeling that saves a person from a lot of sorrow.

 At the same time, if honesty is maintained, then the intensity of moving forward increases even Evening And Morning Star more. I wish that these moments are even better, and at the same time, when restlessness in love increases, it also makes them free. They become sugary and it is very difficult to get rid of them

I wish there was a season that would bring loyalty and we would always be as happy as we want                             

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