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Roothy Log


                                       Roothy Log

My heart is named after you and the breath that was so important without which Junoon-E-Ishq 2022 man cannot live is also named after you. We remember you morning and evening.

 We end our love for you and you and you. We have no value and our words have no effect. Our life is also with you and in your name. We are waiting for you. Our eyes are tired of crying because of your memory and because of your sadness.

 It is as if there were raindrops and your wounds have overcome our grief again today. You have left us out of love. Now you have given false comfort from the heart. Now we cannot bear it and we are full of wounds. No, we have to answer all these Roothy Log questions. Come on, we are waiting for you. I am tired of seeing your way. 


You all annoy me by listening to your words and then come if I stay up late at night. Everyone makes fun of you for what you Roothy Log said. Now you tell me that you have left me with no one. I had no one here except you and it will never happen. My eyes are longing to see you now. My eyes are longing to see you. Come, I am waiting for you.

Time is not someone’s domain. There are some moments in life when a person becomes helpless. The world of Basi changes the Roothy Log  changes that take place in him. Times begin to be remembered in which both happiness and sorrow come along with it. The memory of those who meet the requirements of the time is also associated with it. In society, we suffer from all kinds of hardships and sufferings. 

In such situations, it is not easy to control oneself and cope with these difficulties. This is human nature. That is, when the feelings and emotions change, it also makes a difference in their mood. If the time is happy, it feels happy, but when a person is in trouble,

he remembers the people who are crying along with the grief. They come from whom we never expected to leave us and Roothy Log turn away from us so much that it is difficult to persuade them. Time can pass so fast. Things seem to change so fast. Some aspects change the way man never imagined. Hugs and grievances can happen to people.

 The slightest thing ever has such an effect. What is considered trivial Relationships All give a strange impression when we are in a sad situation Some memories do not allow to live Such golden moments become a great need of the time It is unthinkable to forget them but

with it when we Mention people who ruin our lives. It is better to avoid them. It is in our power, but the Roothy Log heart is just the opposite, from which we lose a lot. We are left behind in life. If we consider that in such times we were punished for trusting them. Our heart was not in our power. 


If we had used our mind instead of our heart, we would not have to see such a day today. The destination we were hoping for could easily be found. The darkness of time left us far behind. It would be better for us to stay away from such people than to complain to others. Instead, we need to heal ourselves, and we can only end our mistrust so that we can improve.

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