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Junoon-E-Ishq 2022


Junoon-E-Ishq 2022

Whether it is day or night, morning or evening, the Junoon-E-Ishq 2022 thought stays in his memory at all times. The requirements of the time keep a special eye on him. There is such a place in this destination. Memories come back. This is the chain. The whole world knows love.


Hearts in every way Beautiful Meetings Beautiful Scenes Everyone is looking for When this moment is repeated Everything changes over time It is not necessary that we can change our smiles and desires

We hope for loyalty which is in everyone Crying for a lifetime will go in vain if there is no fidelity when Junoon-E-Ishq 2022 you laugh, it seems that the buds are open, the fragrance is scattered, the spring is over, there are beautiful smiles,

many thoughts with beautiful youth, if compared to a dream Given that you are not so meaningless because they are the source of memories that affect the factors that affect me in life. 

They are very important to the public to create a good impression if we see you. So we can see how much they depend on factors that can be imaginative. It is very important for human thinking and understanding is very important for it because it is a very serious matter which is mentioned here with good and very beautiful phrases which are based on reality.


The effect of love is so fast that it can start a fire in the water. Even people with strong and Junoon-E-Ishq 2022 strong nerves become insane and are in a state of insanity. It cannot be hidden even by hiding it and it has no hijab. Dream Those thoughts also become subject to it. 


The intoxication of love is such that it stays on the head all the time. We have to fall in love with you. Who knows, in madness, only the pleasure of this Lord, love, madness will change the decisions of destiny one day,


this distance of hearts is also against us, that madness will not leave, nor will you, too, try to Junoon-E-Ishq 2022 keep someone often It may sound like this. There is nothing wrong with you.

There is a strange pleasure in smiling. What is the passion of the lover in celebrating God? What is there? The river of love is so deep in this age that the angle of imagination cannot measure it. It becomes difficult for him to escape, so he who finds his destination thinks that he has got everything in the world. 

If he is seen in the true sense, his status It is not a matter of anyone’s bus. The sound of a broken heart hits the throne. Lightning and rain. If so, is there a broken heart for a period of time, which I do? Believe me and see for yourself. After that, your story is a love-fiction myth. 

Leaving Azhar Basti and walking in the desert is to come after Shaab. Is the one who gives us the address of love and plays an important role in establishing relationships with each other.

 Faith, if it is true, brings it closer to the one who is far away. No matter how far away the destination is, but Junoon-E-Ishq 2022 continuity can be maintained if devotion is true. Yes, a ray of hope can be seen. It can show us signs that can make life easier. The scale of our thinking can also be wider. she lives

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