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Mery Mrny Pe Lakh Roien gy

Mery Mrny Pe Lakh Roien gy

sad poetry in urdu
sad poetry in urdu
Mery Mrny Pe Lakh Roien gy
میرے مرنے پہ لاکھ روئیں گے
میرے رونے پہ کون مرتا ہے
मेरे मरने पर लाखों रोएंगे
कौन मेरे लिए रोता है?
Mery Mrny Pe Lakh Roien gy
Mery Rony pe Kon Mrta Hai 


As human beings we are full of emotions and feelings and it is difficult for us to survive in an emotional state. As our feelings change, so do our feelings. If we feel sad, we are experiencing a sad emotional state that
causes us to think negatively. It hurts to break the heart and we face a high level of depression. In the same way we like to read the poetry of the heart to satisfy our emotions if someone hurts you but is broken. It is not good to be  Mery Mrny Pe Lakh Roien gy 
left with a broken heart. You can also find two lines of broken heart poetry which are deeply absorbed in some words
 We must express service should spend his life in peace and quiet and forget the annoying things because it would upset us more. It has to be taken out because poetry is an expression of feelings, so a broken heart. Poetry helps to express the  Mery Mrny Pe Lakh Roien gy  feelings of a broken heart. One must use poetry to express one’s feelings, if one is not able to express one’s thoughts.
What will he feel? In the past, Mirza Ghalib Mir Dard was famous for creating suspicion of a miserable society which hurt his heart. We can now access pictures of his poetry so that we can express our feelings. Everyone Mery Mrny Pe Lakh Roien gy
needs to be told how they feel about something but if they can’t do it they can be upset if they can lose expression then they can get out of grief and pain.And can live a life of peace. Mery Mrny Pe Lakh Roien gy 

                                         The world is a house of sorrows


The world is a house of sorrows. Every human being is suffering and everyone wants freedom from their worries. Everyone wants to be happy. Everyone is restless. Everyone wants freedom. Everyone unknowingly worries another person. It has to be seen and done.


Nowadays things are a bit too bad because nowadays it has become very impossible for me to keep my situation in order. Family lives are based on whether they are happy and everyone is happy. 

Pay is very serious. People who are in the slightest bit of grief find themselves in a very Mery Mrny Pe Lakh Roien gy difficult situation. Now tell the world that if people live, how can people live? Everything is difficult.  The world is being driven by misery to do very wrong things


which is a very strange thing and avoiding it is good for the welfare of the society because only a good thought can create a good deed. Only when we are on the path to it so that our society can live a happy life. That is the good of all and that is the good of all.


The fact is that when a person is alive, he is not valued so much, why is it so, although it should not be, because when he is alive, flowers are sprinkled on his grave after his death. Yes, it is only those who weep, they weep for the sake of show. It is a fact that it takes a person to great heights.

 He becomes a capable person, he learns good things in it and when he reaches a good place, he remembers the past and the journey he would have taken. They do not forget it and at the same time they do not forget it which
makes him feel happy in the moment. It is his honor. Man’s progress takes him far away, which restores many colors in him and makes him happy. 
He remembers the incident and he also remembers the dreams and it increases his closeness. Seeing the progress makes the time very much fun for him because he thinks so. It is not that he has attained the
position, not only in understanding. The one who becomes a wise man remembers those meetings and the one that lifts his spirits and brings him peace makes him make a very good decision in his life.
 He must regret it. It happens that he remembers the bad situations he went through or the good things of others as well as his selfish past, but he becomes able to live a good life as it is now.





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