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Meri Talaash Ka Jurm Hai Ya Meri Wafa Ka Qasoor

Meri Talaash Ka Jurm Hai Ya Meri Wafa Ka Qasoor

Meri Talaash Ka Jurm Hai Ya Meri Wafa Ka Qasoor
میری تلاش کا جرم ہے یا میری وفا کا قصور
جو دل کے  قریب  آیا  وہی  بے  وفا نکلا
मेरी खोज एक अपराध है या मेरी निष्ठा है
जो दिल के करीब आया वह बेवफा निकला
  Meri Talaash Ka Jurm Hai  Ya Meri Wafa Ka Qasoor
  Jo Dil k Qareeb Aya Wohi By Wafa Nikla

Urdu sad Poetry is used to convey an idea as a literary arrangement. Poetry can express itself clearly as a two-word word or as a 1000-page book. The word poetry is from ancient Greece. Yes, I create poetry.

When it is well written, it is much deeper than the words on the page. Canvas is the art of expression of a poet who reflects his art using poetic language.Meri Talaash Ka Jurm Hai  Ya Meri Wafa Ka Qasoor


 The performer is an art that also gives a mental state. When many people think about poetry, they are forced to think about rhythm and flow as well. If it is a broadly engaged and acceptable form, such a lot. There are all poems that Meri Talaash Ka Jurm Hai Ya Meri Wafa Ka Qasoor do not follow any direct principles.Talaash Jurm Wafa Qasoor, 

The greatest and most beloved poets of history pushed this boundary and began to be considered acceptable prose and broke its mold. Instead, let us consider the merits of these words. All we have to do is talk to them to make us feel something,


instead of what they are following when some things It suppresses emotions and frees your imagination to wander and consider new possibilities 

 This is called a poetic idea. Poetry is a form of art that is used to express ideas, which can be difficult to express. Poetry can be used to express emotions. A spokesman for life that reflects many aspects of us. 

                                 The search loyalty

Hope is something to look forward to In love too When a lover wants to visit his girlfriend he has to wait. And he sees hope. Hope tries to keep his every wish.As the saying goes, the world is built on hope. So this is absolutely right,

no one can argue or deny it.Hope is man’s ladder that never breaks. Man has some desire, on the strength of which he keeps trying to live. Meri Talaash Ka Jurm Hai  Ya Meri Wafa Ka Qasoor


 He lights the lamp and he gets light from it. Is the hope from which it derives. In the same way, in the search for fidelity as well as hope, man comes in contact with all sorts of people in the society. Man should not let his desire be too much.


Because it is the well-being of human beings. Too much desire can harm us economically and socially, which can make the environment unpleasant. Recognition. Talaash Jurm Wafa Qasoor


When love exceeds the limit, it gets better, because in love, when I do not find the one who supports the truth, then man blames himself for it, which he becomes his own culprit. She is tormented and if she is sincere then every time her memories are remembered


and her guns are sung because the hypocrites who are human beings are also enough in this world from which it is very difficult to get rid of. You try it and make it clear. Meri Talaash Ka Jurm Hai  Ya Meri Wafa Ka Qasoor

The good people in the world trust each other and always remember the words of others, how they helped them, or when a person is alone. He doesn’t feel that happiness, he is sad when he is seen often and in it he remembers the


infidelity of Sanam. He also remembers the meetings with him. He also remembers the beautiful dreams. This aspect of fidelity seems to be very serious. It seems as if he is going to be miserable and he was not progressing.Meri Talaash Ka Jurm Hai  Ya Meri Wafa Ka Qasoor


 He keeps on dreaming like this all the time and his eyes get wet, his senses fly away, he walks around like crazy insane, he doesn’t know the world, how much life hurts man He doesn’t stay here and he doesn’t remember those promises there


and his heart beats faster when he is a beautiful person and he remembers them but there is still hope that he will Love is something that makes a person honest and at the same time makes him more honest and makes him feel better.Meri Talaash Ka Jurm Hai  Ya Meri Wafa Ka Qasoor


 He does not have to train, he becomes capable of it on his own and his belief is that he has very strong nerves, his mood improves, this style is very relaxing, which makes him look happy.


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