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Bohat Maan Tha Jin Pe Hum Ko Mohsin

Bohat Maan Tha Jin Pe Hum Ko Mohsin

                                                                                                             Bohat Maan Tha Jin Pe Hum Ko Mohsin  

بہت مان تھا جن پہ ہم کو اے محسن
بہت بے ایمان نکلے وہ سا ے کیطرح
हमें उस पर बहुत गर्व था, हे मोहसिन
वे बहुत बेवफा निकले
Bohat Maan Tha Jin Pe Hum Ko Mohsin
Bohat Maan Tha Jin Pe Hum Ko Mohsin
Bohat By Iman Nikly Wo Saey Ki Trha

Bohat Maan Tha Jin Pe Hum Ko Mohsin


Urdu poetry is famous not only in Pakistan but all over the world. Many poets have contributed to it and brought it to fruition which is considered to be very popular in the world today. Emotions are shown because
it is a popular thing today. People express their feelings and emotions through words, which makes it easier for them to convey their feelings and emotions to others. In ancient times, Mir Dard Mir Anis Mirza Ghalib. 
 He made a name for himself through poetry. And he persuaded people with his abilities and with it awakened consciousness in them or which is unparalleled. He has described the problems of the society
in his poetry as if flowers are in a row. That is why his poetry is of great importance to you which takes into account the problems of the society and the suffering of human beings.  
Allama Iqbal who is a famous poet of Pakistan who is also called the thinker of Pakistan. And Bohat Maan Tha Jin Pe Hum Ko Mohsin you also got the title of East Pakistan. Bohat Maan Mohsin .You created awareness in the people through your poetry and awakened their souls. From which people gained a lot and took advantage of it .Bohat Maan Mohsin                                                                                                                                       

                                                        Moral in love

Happiness is a moral act. Happiness is a great thing. The happier a person is, the more he will be honored. The fact is that happiness comes from destiny. As a human being, a moral relationship with one another is only beneficial.

Maybe when each other’s morals and happiness are taken into consideration and one’s needs and happiness are considered as one’s own happiness.  

 Not being happy in the society cannot maintain this balanced aspect of instability. There can be different aspects of happiness in practical life. 

 Because it can review every aspect, it can explain every moral failure of someone, how much one considers oneself to be happy with others, it is very important to maintain moral balance in the society so that

it leads to perseverance and peace. Happiness can be created by avoiding many human complications which can be detrimental. When a person is very happy, his emotions and feelings are due to each other and that is to live in a society. Bohat Maan Tha Jin Pe Hum Ko Mohsin


Bohat Maan Mohsin ,Create a good environment within yourself so that it has all kinds of support. Good morals can also end social evils. Therefore, one should try to adopt good manners so that an atmosphere of peace and tranquility can be created and an atmosphere of peace can be maintained which is the desire of every human being. 


                              Two lines poetry of Mohsin Naqvi


Mohsin Naqvi is a great and well-known poet who gained fame all over the world due to his art and proved the iron of his art. He has made a name for himself and you have many famous words which people still read and enjoy today. You have written many ghazals as well as sad poetry and Bohat Maan Tha Jin Pe Hum Ko Mohsin many books of poetry.Bohat Maan Mohsin

                         Early life and education

Mohsin Naqvi was born on May 5, 1947 in Dera Ghazi Khan, India. His father was Syed Chirag Hussain Shah. His father named him Ghulam Abbas. He was later renamed Mohsin Naqvi. He had six siblings. He graduated from Government College in Multan and obtained his master’s degree from Punjab University Lahore. Bohat Maan Tha Jin Pe Hum Ko Mohsin


The poetry he wrote about Karbala is his own example which people appreciated very much. That is why he got such a title. Not only was she based on love but she also wrote against her rulers which made her very popular. She spent most of her beautiful journey in poetry which people still remember her with kind words. Bohat Maan Mohsin


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