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Ab Dar Nahin Lagta Kuch Khony Ka Ay Mohsin

Ab Dar Nahin Lagta Kuch Khony Ka Ay Mohsin

Ab Dar Nahin Lagta Kuch Khony Ka Ay Mohsin
Ab Dar Nahin Lagta Kuch Khony Ka Ay Mohsin

                                                                                                      Ab Dar Nahin Lagta Kuch Khony Ka Ay Mohsin

اب ڈر نہیں لگتا  کھونے کا  اے   محسن
میں نے زندگی میں زندگی کو کھو یا ہے
अब मैं हारने से नहीं डरता, हे मोहसिन
मैंने जीवन में जीवन खो दिया है

Ab Dar Nahin Lagta Kuch Khony Ka Ay Mohsin

 Main Ny Zindagi May Zindadi Ko khoya Hai 

 Ab Dar Nahin Lagta Kuch Khony Ka Ay Mohsin

Sad poetry can convey one’s feelings and emotions to others in a good way. Many people prefer to read poetry in solitude. When it comes to poetry, my main goal is Urdu sad poetry. Poetry is a vast knowledge that never ends. Maybe it has a different status in each coming era which is why it is considered very important when you are responsible for experiencing sudden and change in your mood and anger. And expresses the emotion when I talk about the magical use of fiction and poetry.   

God forbid that I read about it many years ago in which it was said that sad poetry is a kind of medicine for troubled minds. I focused on suggesting more and more such ways on social media. Going through which we can reduce our anxiety so that we can spend our time happily when we are in our homes. I am sorry that our society is in the habit of reading it or other intellectual pursuits. Is at the forefront of the unavailability of. You face comfort count lists in the media.  

There is a clear concern for the mental health of the people who can be calm at times that I have read in the international media on the subject and have learned that if they are developed and at least such issues that society Is about mental health they also affect the quality and conditions of the media Poetry to fix these mental disorders is a matter of time which can be very beneficial in today’s era.dar khony ka mohsin

The journey of life

When a person is very happy, he feels as if he is flying in the air and he looks very happy with happiness. He sees happiness everywhere. He has not met anyone’s eyes. There is no news, it looks like the future, this is the true love of man, and he does not feel his heart without his love, when man has nothing, when he finds a true man, it seems that he is in the world. Everything is found, then he stays in search of such a person, 

he is still happy, and then he will not be able to live without this happiness, then it becomes difficult to live without this person, without him the heart does not feel when Man has it then he leaves these things and seeks this man and makes him realize that not that day then he does not wait for it very much in the party that when man wants someone then he gives him The sea is in front of him. dar khony ka mohsin.   

He sees the sea as a danger. He crosses the sea for his sake. He is very happy when he finds this person in search of him. He gets used to it all the time and he doesn’t see anything else and he likes everything and he feels good everywhere . 


I don’t know why the state of heart ever becomes such that one is not afraid of a deserted area but it was not like that before. Ab Dar Nahin Lagta Kuch Khony Ka Ay Mohsin

 The focus of our thinking will change so much. There are many people in this age who are good enough to give happiness to others. I understand my own betterment and my own purpose, but at the same time, if you look at it, there are many people in the world who are the opposite, who feel happy to hurt others.  



 This is a wrong thing, man. It happens that he is honored and

Ab Dar Nahin Lagta Kuch Khony Ka Ay Mohsin


he has the courage to do good and his heart beats with this work. He is a brave man who is and now he is never afraid of the desert area but love is instilled in the job man.

So he gets angry again, he sees the same scene everywhere and he is not afraid of anything, his intentions become strong and he has this importance in himself, he doesn’t care about anyone, he doesn’t know. Ab Dar Nahin Lagta Kuch Khony Ka Ay Mohsin


 When and where she is in this mood depends on her condition. Love makes her feel like the scent of her love. He looks scattered everywhere and he becomes calm. He doesn’t even realize when he was acquainted with him and he gets the virtue of his companion.   

When he gets peace of mind, he gets peace of mind. But these are decisions of destiny. We cannot complain about it. There are

Ab Dar Nahin Lagta Kuch Khony Ka Ay Mohsin


different forms of such fidelity and infidelity. They are unable to ignore their destiny if it is good and creates harmony everywhere. That’s what makes life so good.  

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