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Mujh Ko Fursat He kahan Mosam Sohana Dykhon

 Mujh Ko Fursat He kahan Mosam Sohana Dykhon

Mujh Ko Fursat He kahan Mosam Sohana Dykhon
 Mujh Ko Fursat He kahan Mosam Sohana Dykhon
Mujh Ko Fursat He kahan Mosam Sohana Dykhon   
 مجھ کوفرصت ہی کہاں موسم سہانا دیکھوں 
    میں تیری ذات سے نکلوں تو زمانہ دیکھوں 
 जहां भी मुझे मौसम देखने का अवसर मिलता है, अगर मैं
आपकी जाति से बाहर आता हूं, तो मैं समय देखूंगा

Mujh Ko Fursat He kahan Mosam Sohana Dykhon

Mai Teri Zaat Se Niklon Tu Zamana Dykhon

 Mujh Ko Fursat He kahan Mosam Sohana Dykhon Meaning  


Sending sad poetry to your best friends can easily express your feelings through poetry so poetry is very important which helps in this because a good friend is a great blessing if you have a good friend So you are very lucky. Friendship requires loyalty  Mujh Ko Fursat He kahan Mosam Sohana Dykhon

and sincerity between two friends. We can express it through our good behavior as well as through poetry. Poetry helps to maintain those feelings which are not expressed.

The beautiful words of poetry can be shared with your friends so that they feel happy with it They also celebrate Friendship Day so that they can strengthen their friendship. On the day of friendship, gifts are also exchanged and  Mujh Ko Fursat He kahan Mosam Sohana Dykhon

thus their feelings are also exchanged through poetry. Send poetry messages in this regard. Funny Friendship is a great collection of poetry that allows you to easily give your friends laughing moments. Messages are exchanged with good words that are done with poetry and these words reflect our emotions which We express. mosam-sohana-sad-poetry

                                              Loyal people


  • Loyal people are rarely found in the world. Loyal ones keep everyone happy and do not hurt anyone. They do not like to hurt anyone as we all know that 
  • human beings are noble creatures and they come out of all kinds of dangers. Plays on his soul but loves the body breath He never betrays it and keeps it 
  • happy. There are very few people who are faithful because a friend is one who is faithful and with whom and some kind of There is no pressure, they like 
  • themselves, they care about the happiness of others, they care about their happiness, and in short, they are the ones who get loyalty in the world and they 
  • also take the initiative to help others.

Helping each other is not a happy thing for them. When it happens, it makes them feel lonely even in a party, but when loyal people are lonely, it gives them a reward that makes them feel happy. Are and have a special place in society which  Mujh Ko Fursat He kahan Mosam Sohana Dykhon

is a very superior thing we all need to play now so we can have peace in our lives Come and let us live a good life which is a desire of every human being.  mosam-sohana-sad-poetry



No one has enough time to spend their time with anyone. The beautiful moments that happen are always remembered by man.
But sometimes there are times when one has to be patient and trust each other while believing in fidelity. One should be able to spend one’s time well so that one can Don’t misunderstand each other because if we don’t take each other’s needs into account, it can cause a lot of damage.


  1. It can lead us to the real destination in our faith. Has made man so mad that he always feels restless in his memories but there is a feeling that he will get it. 
  2. Next his heart beats all the time he is compelled and sometimes Sometimes they become so much that they shed tears while remembering them and their 
  3. body starts trembling. In this race of development, everyone is well acquainted with each other, but even knowing this, man becomes so mad. 


That he considers it his devotion and loses his courage in front of him if man can ever get along with the aspect of his coming in a good way. Guy shows man so many ups and downs as always that he starts to consider the

aspect of intellect which makes a big difference in his way of life and his habits also seem to change a lot but he It is a pity that the promises that were made in this promise were fulfilled to a great extent.



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