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Kaisy Kahon k Is Dil k Liy Kitny Khas Ho Tum


Kaisy Kahon k Is Dil k Liy Kitny Khas Ho Tum   

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Kaisy Kahon k Is Dil k Liy Kitny Khas Ho Tum

Kaisy Kahon k Is Dil k Liy Kitny Khas Ho Tum

کیسے  کہوں  کہ  اس دل  کیلئے کتنے  خاص ہو  تم
فاصلے تو قدموں کے ہیں پر ہروقت دل کے پاس ہو تم

मैं कैसे कह सकता हूं कि आप इस दिल के लिए कितने खास हैं?
दूरियां कदम हैं, लेकिन आप हमेशा दिल के करीब हैं
                                                                                              Kaisy Kahon k Is Dil k Liy Kitny Khas Ho Tum
                                                                                      Faasly Tu Qadmon k Hai per Har Waqat Dil k pas Ho Tum

Kaisy Kahon k Is Dil k Liy Kitny Khas Ho Tum/Love Poetry in Urdu 


Poetry creates awareness in man and helps us to express our feelings. I have always wondered with the people around me or those who loved me and loved me in their precious lives. How do we know the physical and emotional workings of the brain?

  • We are deceived by our inner fears and our own obsessions to find out when you are connected to someone or fall in love with someone that will lead you 
  • into an imaginary world. Kaisy Kahon k Is Dil k Liy Kitny Khas Ho Tum    


You get lost and your emotions and feelings become attached to it. You also start to feel cheated and you Blaming other people for playing with emotions can make you sad. Your hopes are fulfilled. You express what you feel in words. If you don’t, it hurts a lot. The expression seems to have evolved over time.dil-khas-tum. A new list of the 500 greatest love poems compiled by poetry experts in London will be compiled, and the name to be included in this list is that of Pakistani poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz.


 Like the sad poetry that was done before it came, the sad melody that touches the emotions created by the melodious music. What is it that with such melancholy melodies sung in a foreign language with such good-sounding music and the translation of melancholy melodies? Poetry also has a deep connection with each other which is considered incomplete without it. Whether it is a sad melody or a sad poetry has the same impression Happiness feelings and emotions are felt.dil-khas-tum


  • Unfaithful people are common in the world. Unfaithful people are found everywhere and they are people who do not share anyone’s sorrow and are 
  • happy to be free by putting their mistakes on others. Infidelity is a bad thing that eats away at a person from the inside out as if he is disgusted with 
  • wood.dil-khas-tum. The biggest sign of unfaithful people is that they don’t talk to anyone properly and prefer to be alone. Kaisy Kahon k Is Dil k Liy Kitny Khas Ho Tum    

And such people are selfish and they have no interest in anyone’s pain or suffering.Unfaithful people are never happy because they blow the whistle on other people which does not give them a good reward.dil-khas-tum.There are many people in the world who try to get their meaning from everyone.But when they do not succeed in their goal, then they take a step that not only harms them but also harms others.It is essential to our society for social and welfare ,That steps be taken to eradicate social evils.

 In order to eradicate social evils, not only one individual but also our society has to take part in it.So that our environment is pleasant and people like to live together. dil-khas-tum

If our society is prosperous, every person living in it will be prosperous and that is the best for us and all of us.dil-khas-tum



When you are with me, I feel very beautiful. Life is also an invaluable gift that is the cornerstone of love. Consciousness is created. If it is seen, its heart beats with its emotions. Breathing is fast. Heart is pounding. The wind is blowing. Spring season is a good moment. Good memories. For the one who is attached to love helps to bring others closer to him and the one who is close to them and remembers them very much in which he made promises which refreshes them and makes them feel very good. Kaisy Kahon k Is Dil k Liy Kitny Khas Ho Tum    


  1. Although desire creates insanity from which man becomes insane, if he is to get rid of it, then he has to perform good deeds, because keeping his senses in 
  2. love is also the greatest attribute of man. Yes, it is not like that. He does not even know the times, nor does he know the circumstances of what he is doing. 
  3. They force those who are far away from others and the destination seems too far away for him, which leads him astray and can turn his happiness into 
  4. sorrow. Kaisy Kahon k Is Dil k Liy Kitny Khas Ho Tum    

So the right way can be found only if you consider love as a pure thing that can maintain the happy aspect in the society.


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