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Ye Kis Ka Hath Mery Hath May aa Gya Mohsin

Ye Kis Ka Hath Mery Hath May aa Gya Mohsin

Ye Kis Ka Hath Mery Hath May aa Gya Mohsin
Ye Kis Ka Hath Mery Hath May aa Gya Mohsin
Ye Kis Ka Hath Mery Hath May aa Gya Mohsin
मेरे हाथ में किसका हाथ है, मोहसिन?
    लगता है कि पूरा ब्रह्मांड पहुंच के भीतर है
Ye Kis Ka Hath Mery Hath May aa Gya Mohsin
K Sari Kainaat Dastrass  May Lagti HaYe Kis Ka Hath Mery Hath May aa Gya Mohsin

Ye Kis Ka Hath Mery Hath May aa Gya Mohsin    Naqvi     

  • There is an emotional pain in love poetry that is associated with it. Disadvantages with its characteristic Losses Disappointment A person who 
  • experiences feelings of grief may suffer from silence or sluggishness and may withdraw from others because An Example of Severe Depression Depression is 
  • a mood disorder that can be caused by a major depressive disorder or permanent depression. Crying is a sign of grief. Depression can also lead to 
  • depression, says Robin Skand Pediatrician  . 

Barry Brazblatten has said that acknowledging depression can make it easier for families to deal with more and more emotional distress. The ability is tested, such as stopping it to keep it from restlessness.  

Pal Ek Pal Song Movie Name

We have devoted our lives to your name because we love you so much and we consider you our love. We are so sincere with you that we want our relationship with you to never break up and we feel like we see you in the moon and stars whenever we think or feel you at night. And it all seems like a reality to us. We want you so much, that’s how we feel.

  1. Our life seems beautiful to us because of you. Every aspect of our life seems to look great. Life seems like a dream and it takes a big hardworking to turn it into a reality and that’s because we live together.  We worked for each other so that we would never fall 
  2. apart and disagree. Social attitudes deteriorate only when we try to criticize each other and this increases the disagreement even more.

People have different expectations of each other. This is possible only when we come to each other’s work and understand each other’s hopes and needs. Ye Kis Ka Hath Mery Hath May aa Gya Mohsin. If we do not do this, we are at a great disadvantage, which is a very strange thing. Our sympathies and treatment can also be good when we consider each other as our own and try to take care of them in every way so that an atmosphere of peace can be established forever.



When he has a sincere desire for someone, two hearts meet, which makes him beat faster and faster, and the fragrance wafts around him, and in his devotion, man becomes like this, then he begins to see beautiful scenes. From which he feels that he achieves a lot and hopes for the destination of progress. He likes to live in his desire every moment, whether it is dark or light. He always remembers it. Life also gives him such an opportunity.


That is, when a person is very happy, he often likes to be the one who prefers the beautiful scene and stops the disorder and strengthens his inner self, but if it is seen, the generosity in the person with love. He develops a passion for good deeds, and his loving gaze protects each other, which saves him from many troubles and regrets, and he is much better than he is. Feels that the status of love is very high. 

No one can equal it. One should never delay in doing good if one is well trained. If he eats, he can become a very sincere person and the madness of love can save him from many troubles right now. It is a Gulshan that is full of beauty. No one tries to be apart from him. Understands the importance of being happy and tries to trust each other What is the real purpose of love?

Its main purpose is to recognize one’s self and to create peace and happiness in the environment



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