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Mai Tujh ko Tujh Se Zyada Chahon Ga

   Mai Tujh ko Tujh Se Zyada Chahon Ga

love poetry
love poetry
                      Mai Tujh ko Tujh Se Zyada Chahon Ga
                 میں   تجھ   کو   تجھ   سے   زیاده  چاہوں  گا                    
مگر شرط ہے اپنے اندر میری جستجو پیدا کر    
                                     मुझे तुमसे ज्यादा चाहिए                                         
  लेकिन शर्त यह है कि मैं अपने 

Mai Tujh ko Tujh Se Zyada Chahon Ga

           Magar Shart Hai Apny Andar Meri Justju Paida Kr


Mai Tujh ko Tujh Se Zyada Chahon Ga Lyrics

Love poetry is a beautiful confluence of emotions and feelings, with which a beautiful emotion like love is instinctively woven into a series of words. The reader sees the journey of fascinating imagination in it. 

The ability to share effectively is an invaluable quality that highlights your abilities and emotions that make us feel good and the bitterness in society. Mai Tujh ko Tujh Se Zyada Chahon Ga

  • Survivors that are very painful and offensive to the heart are also highlighted, which are very important to us and they have a very role model in our lives. 
  • People express their feelings and emotions. Convey your thoughts to others through words. Feelings and emotions in poetry as well as relying on words. 
  • Thanks to him, people exchange words to share their pain with others, whether in the form of emotions or thoughts.Mai Tujh ko Tujh Se Zyada Chahon Ga


When words are used in the form of poetry, their mood and Mirza Ghalib Mir Taqi Mir Dard got a lot of fame in Urdu poetry because he highlighted in his poetry those aspects of society which were very important to follow. 

Similarly, Parveen Shakir Allama Iqbal also I played a full role and demonstrated the iron of my abilities which gave a lot of impetus to Urdu poetry all over the world. Faiz Ahmad Faiz and Wasi Shah also contributed a lot to this and proved that Urdu poetry is an invaluable treasure that can never fall.Mai Tujh ko Tujh Se Zyada Chahon Ga

  1. Their poetry was such that It was heartbreaking because he described the expression of emotions in such a way that the reader feels happy as people 
  2. suffer from various kinds of anxiety and distress, so it is important for them to express their feelings and emotions. Take them out which they have to resort 
  3. to poetry which is useful so that they can live a quiet life.Zyada-Chahon-justjo    Mai Tujh ko Tujh Se Zyada Chahon Ga


     Mithoon Phir Bhi Tumko Chaahungi  

  • When we are sincere with someone, it is important that we take care of whatever we promise him and fulfill our fidelity. Successful people in society 
  • are the ones who consider it necessary. Affects human personality and dignity.We can be successful if we try to follow it.The virtue of a good man is 
  • that he keeps his promise on time so that he can maintain his self-esteem and attain a high position in the society because if he does not do so, he can cause a 
  • lot of trouble. Mai Tujh ko Tujh Se Zyada Chahon Ga

They can be viewed with hatred in the society and it has a profound effect not only on their social but also on their political life. 

A person who keeps his promises in practice is very strong even if he Being involved in any field is a huge process.  We have to make it very important and important to keep it so that we consider the promise as a must so that our life can be enlightened and we can rely on ourselves instead of depending on someone which is a good thing.Zyada-Chahon-justjo 

Main Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga Hungama


Every human being, when he wants someone, he sees everything in him. His separation does not allow him to live. 

This feeling makes him very frustrated. He sees darkness everywhere. He feels that he is alone and frustrated. She pushes him further towards him but when he is alone, all his sadness and despair disappears and he happily feels like a ray of light everywhere. He loves the colors of the world. Feels every moment and it seems that man has to work patiently, he will never fail in life.Zyada-Chahon-justjo


Mujhe Khud Se Hi Shikwe Yaha Song


When someone falls in love with someone, he tries to shower his life on it and begins to go beyond the limits of love. There are many in the world who get loyalty and there are also many who get loyalty in return for loyalty. 

They get very upset if someone does this to them but as a human being it is a requirement that we should treat every human being with compassion and love and not hate anyone outwardly and inwardly. The aspect must be maintained. There are many problems faced by human beings. In order to have a complete and good code of conduct, we have to follow it.  Zyada-Chahon-justjo  Mai Tujh ko Tujh Se Zyada Chahon Ga


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