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Ansoo Bha Bha k Bhi Hoty Nahin Hai km

Ansoo Bha Bha k Bhi Hoty Nahin Hai km

sad poetry

                                                                                                              Ansoo Bha Bha k Bhi Hoty Nahin Hai km

آنسو بہا بہا کے بھی ہوتے نہیں ہیں کم
کتنی امیر ہوتی ہیں آنکھیں غریب کی
कम आँसू नहीं हैं
कितने अमीर हैं गरीबों की आंखें
Ansoo Bha Bha k Bhi Hoty Nahin Hai km
Kitni Ameer Hoti Hai Aankhien Gareeb Ki

Ansoo Bha Bha k Bhi Hoty Nahin Hai km Shayari


Urdu sad poetry is the best way to express your feelings and emotions which is not limited to one country but is famous all over the world. People like it very much because Urdu language has a special sweetness of literature to promote it. Many poets and Sufis also played a very important role which is their own example.

He worked twice a day and four times a night to bring about a revolution that earned him worldwide acclaim. In this day and age, Urdu poems and lyric poems are very popular which were written a long time ago. His poetry has been introduced all over the world through books, audio and video. His definition does not need any introduction.

  1. Urdu Poetry His temperament is very literary and soothing to the heart due to which people tend to read him more. Many poets wrote poetry in their own 
  2. style and Allama Iqbal Mir Taqi Mir Mirza Ghalib Faiz Ahmad became very famous.  Faiz and Ahmad Faraz are at the top of the list. That listeners feel 
  3. good and their poetry has a great effect on the heart. Allama Iqbal awakened the people through his poetry and breathed into them a spirit that made their 
  4. life feel pleasant and they developed a lot. 


Began to pay homage to him and still remember him with very good words. Parveen Shakir Kar Mir Dard and Mirza Ghalib wrote many books which are famous all over the world and people still read their books and remember them with good words. Every poet has his own unique style which is why He becomes famous and Ansoo  Bha Bha k Bhi Hoty Nahin Hai km this is what revolutionizes his life. There are many moments in life when a person becomes completely hopeless. 


  • He sees no way out. He is facing a lot of difficulties. These are the worries of life. They constantly harass him, he loses his trust in the society and he 
  • becomes a loner. He endures them in such situations. Ray is needed but despair constantly annoys him. He needs to convey his thoughts to others. He 
  • uses words. He conveys his message to others through poetry Ansoo Bha Bha k Bhi Hoty Nahin Hai km because if he does not convey his feelings and emotions to others. Delivers even more 
  • inconvenience.But if he conveys his feelings and emotions to others, it lightens his burden and alleviates his worries, so it shows that poetry helps a person so 
  • much that he can express himself. Easily communicate your feelings to others. Ansoo- Bha-ameer -ankhien

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Feeling we have ‘Run out of gas’ emotionally is a matter of insanity. We must act on it in every way possible. We need to know our innermost feelings so that we can feel them. That we will do it in every situation and we will be proud of it, then it is important that we do it in such a way that the  Ansoo Bha Bha k Bhi Hoty Nahin Hai km  need for emotions is increased to such an extent that we are unable to control ourselves.

 And emotions cannot be suppressed for long because it is a process that can attach human failure to it in various ways. When insanity goes too far, it takes the form of insanity and not only that. Emotions arise but their action also seems natural. Human nature involves many things and Ansoo Bha Bha k Bhi Hoty Nahin Hai km nature can never change. Nature is not the same.

Consciousness awakens man and it not only satisfies him but also provides a peace. Not every human being is the same. It differs in every way. The difference depends on its nature and habit. I can be found in all sorts of positives or positive and negative but positive is the real identity of a person Which gets in the society. Ansoo-Bha-ameer-ankhien

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