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Itny Khaloos Se Tumhain Sochty Hai Hum

Itny Khaloos Se Tumhain Sochty Hai Hum

Sad Poetry

Itny Khaloos Se Tumhain Sochty Hai Humاتنے خلوص سے تمہیں سوچتے ہیں ہم

جیسے تمہارا عشق بخشش کا وسیلہ ہو

हम आपके साथ इतनी ईमानदारी से सोचते हैं

मानो आपका प्रेम क्षमा का साधन है

                                                                                       Itny Khaloos Se Tumhain Sochty Hai Hum

                                                                                               Jaise Tumhara Ishaq Bakhshish ka Waseela Ho


Itny Khaloos Se Tumhain Sochty Hai Hum Quotes

Sad poetry is poetry that is considered to be the best way to convey a complex message in a limited number of words full of emotion. Explains that poetry is the best and easiest way to express emotions which helps in understanding one’s expression and feelings. People in the present age love sad poetry and also like to send such poetry to their loved ones.

People look for two-line sad poems. Many people do the same People who send sad pictures to their loved ones to express their feelings Sometime people want to read sad poems about life so that they can relate things to their situation according to their life. Many famous Urdu poets sad Writing ghazals to give emotional satisfaction to such people.
 There are also many people who like to read sad poems. And there are many people who are saddened by something or an event, so they recite sad Urdu poetry to the people and I feel adopted in reading it. 

Sincere love


Human love is an everlasting thing because it is based on relationships. They can be both positive and negative. The value of relationships is known to man only through love. No, because it creates a feeling that shows him a beautiful path and enables him to recognize his destination and path,which creates a very beautiful atmosphere in him.He also has authority and right over each other.How much he cares for someone and what right he has over the other.


  • Nowadays, people have a right to each other, but they feel pity for them, which is a very good thing .It has often 
  • been observed that mahal is not always the same because it lacks a sense of relationships but if awareness is created it can significantly improve its effect. 
  • So implementing it is a very good thing that people live together  
  • but can’t maintain this feeling and distinction but are simply deprived, so they are 
  • certainly at a loss because of their relationships with each other. There can be rights and authority which can make the society successful and prosperous
  • Itny Khaloos Se Tumhain Sochty Hai Hum



When someone settles in the eyes, he has a desire in his heart and no one else in life feels better than him, although love is an invaluable thing, it is not a myth and if seen, it is also based on the truth. I have to deal with people  

who are like a leader. It’s not just a matter of heart. Blessed is he who receives love and his smiles are scattered all over the world. She feels fresh. That is why she is happy if she believes in fidelity. On the contrary, she is unbearable. Sanam. Trusting is the greatest sign of fidelity because her eyes are kind or everything for you.


                  Mujhe Dekhna Hai Jisne Poetry 


  1. Whether it is evening blood or good morning or you still remember it well. There are many hypocrites in this age but we do not know the weather inside 
  2. them. How strongly they can be against it. Yes, this change can make theItny Khaloos Se Tumhain Sochty Hai Hum  environment unpleasant, so it is better to create a peaceful environment and 
  3. avoid further suffering, because love is a great thing so that no one can see it, sometimes when someone is alone. If he likes to live, there can be many 
  4. reasons for this.

 It is necessary to find out how he is spending his time. It is probably written in his destiny that man should have this ability to control himself and And let him persevere and improve his character, let him sing the song of his heart in love, and let him not restrain himself so that he may be set free. His spirits are high and he is in a good position.


There is a difference between beauty and love and there is a place which has no precedent. What it does, it also raises the Itny Khaloos Se Tumhain Sochty Hai Hum spirits and Itny Khaloos Se Tumhain Sochty Hai Hum maintains peace. It spreads like perfume. The requirements of love are many. If it is to be rated, love is eternal wealth.


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