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  Forever Poetry

forever poetry

 forever poetry


When the poem about me is written, it must be a poem about  Forever Poetry   you. You might even say I wrote my own poetry to make people smile or laugh. As for me, every so often one of those poems will be published and read by myself or someone else and even if I don’t like it, I’ll tell myself that it would have been better not to write something like this. 

  1. What a nice change, right? People just find out they can express themselves better as people who are strong enough to stand up and speak up for themselves. That’s why I wrote this piece about  Forever poetry.
  2.  But, I’m not proud of it at all. At least, in writing poetry, I don’t think I really know what I want. I think it’s still very childish when I start writing poetry. Not because I don’t care. However, I just don’t know I’ve found my voice yet. And the truth is, I am very scared.  Forever Poetry
  3. Do you know that fear of losing control? Of losing my way of thinking and just allowing myself to listen Forever Poetry to what my heart wants to hear. And so, poetry is a form of expression for the me who doesn’t actually feel at peace with herself yet.  
  4. I don’t know if I’ll ever stop getting frustrated with myself about how I lack confidence in being able to put words and sentences together, despite my own knowledge in English and having studied for three years in middle school.   
  5. If anything, I’m embarrassed I didn’t have the courage to express myself well enough. And as for saying that, I’ve read some of those authors who claim to have a great understanding of writing and Forever Poetry that “poetry has only a few rules or requirements that an artist cannot fulfill.”  Forever Poetry| Forever Poems| Forever Life |Forever Ideas| Forever Love Poetry| Forever English Poetry
  • Why is that? Is that why they are trying to prove themselves as creators who can do that?
  •  Maybe, but I’m sure if they don’t understand that at all and just believe the things they write are true and fair, nobody can judge and people may not accept them.  Forever Poetry| Forever Poems |Forever Life |Forever Ideas| Forever Love Poetry| Forever English Poetry
  • Besides, if they have to express their true thoughts on life, let’s just leave them alone. 
  • Unless people are capable of understanding their true feelings and have the capacity to see beyond the surface level, then who needs poetry anyway? 
  • All this is just another point I should have made earlier. Plus, we don’t need any more literary knowledge from poets or Forever Poetry aspiring ones. 
  • We should be grateful to the fact that we are able to be  Forever Poetry creative enough to create our own works. But, how come we don’t have enough talent for writing? Why doesn’t everyone have one? It seems like you have to have money to write as well as a family to support your writing career properly, right?
Forever Poetry
Forever Poetry



Every time I do this, I feel happy. However, because this is my first post after over a year of writing this blog, I really need a little bit more time to reflect on my feelings for the topic of “forever poetry.” After all, I had only just started writing this and had no idea how much time I would take to finish it.  

And now I realize what a great start there was for me. Writing has always been a hobby and thing I enjoy doing. So, for my second post, I decided to try and write about an actual job and my experience working with people to help writers develop their skills as well as other jobs or hobbies I enjoy to do that I have Forever Poetry . The reason for this was simple – in my past job, I worked with older writers who had different ideas and opinions on certain aspects of life.

They were able to help me grow as a writer through their knowledge and Forever Poetry wisdom on my topics and experiences. Now that they no longer exist, I have the chance for self-reflection, which means I’ll be learning a lot about myself in the process. This post is very self-reflective. It’s about my personal growth as a writer because of the writers’ suggestions. To this end, writing is what I’ve done these last few years since my college days.  

In addition, after reading a book called “The Writer” by Amy Chua, I found out that she also wrote her memoir “On Writing With Her Eyes Shut,” which was very insightful on how she feels about being a woman living in America as well as her dreams to become a famous author. Since then, I’ve been keeping myself busy by writing fiction and other forms of writing. And I’m glad I did. For the past couple of months, I’ve seen many of my friends who’re usually quite shy now write some poetry or short stories.   

Well, yes, those are important guidelines of course. Yet, what I don’t think about those limitations is what makes them so limiting in my eyes. No matter how good those writers are for sharing their views and thoughts on life, I don’t like how they define themselves as artists. Maybe, it’s because I just haven’t noticed it yet and they think of themselves as writers. Or maybe they’re not

aware that their opinion may be different from mine, but I don’t like making enemies with anyone. So, no matter what, poets today only tend towards expressing their emotions and their feelings without any real understanding of their own feelings or ideas that go beyond the surface level.   

So, it’s just a waste of time when I see them sharing their ideas on Facebook or talking to each other online. Because I think most of them know little of art and what it truly entails.  Forever Poetry  Poet and critic Matthew Arnold was a titan of the nineteenth century. While he is widely recognized as a pioneer in the field of literary theory, he also contributed significantly to the

discourses of religion, politics, and the field of education. Arnold attended Balliol College, Oxford, and was born to a prominent English family (his father being a well-known headmaster at Rugby). Forever Poetry |Forever Poems |Forever Life |Forever Ideas |Forever Love Poetry |Forever English Poetry

 At first, he worked as a schools inspector, which required him to use the Forever Poetry brand-new train system to visit schools all around England. In 1857, he became the first person to be appointed professor of literature at Oxford and to give his lectures in English instead of Latin.  Forever Poetry |Forever Poems |Forever Life |Forever Ideas |Forever Love Poetry |Forever English Poetry

Despite widespread criticism of Arnold’s moralistic tone and artistic judgments—including from Walt Whitman, who famously called him a “literary dude”—Arnold’s writings provided a basis for significant 20th-century critics including T.S. Eliot, Calanthe Brooks, and Norman Bloom. Arnold is often cited as one of the earliest poets whose work exemplified

a true Modern perspective, and his poetry has had a huge, though unacknowledged, impact. Forever Poetry |Forever Poems |Forever Life |Forever Ideas |Forever Love Poetry |Forever English Poetry

Arnold’s article “The Study of Poetry” is widely regarded as his most influential work of literary criticism. Arnold is preoccupied throughout this book with poetry’s “great destiny,” writing that “mankind will find that we have to resort to poetry to understand life for us, to soothe us, to sustain us” since science and philosophy would prove to be inadequate in the long run. 

 Forever Poetry |Forever Poems |Forever Life |Forever Ideas |Forever Love Poetry |Forever English Poetry

Arnold’s selections from the likes of Milton, Macbeth, Dante, and Homer are meant to demonstrate the enduring power of these legendary writers’ works. Arnold places a high value on sincerity and emotion, as well as the weightiness of the subject matter: “The higher quality of truth and severity, in the content and material of the finest poetry, is independent

from the excellence of vocabulary and movement distinguishing its style and method.” Geoffrey Chaucer is used as an example of a necessary poet but falls short of Arnold’s “classic” categorization since he does not possess the “high seriousness” of classic poets. Forever Poetry| Forever Poems |Forever Life |Forever Ideas |Forever Love Poetry |Forever English Poetry

Arnold wants to defend the poets he considers to be literary touchstones and to preserve their work for future generations. He also doubts the moral worth of poetry that fails to promote truth, beauty, heroism, and clarity. The essay’s reasoning and conclusions are grounded in Arnold’s conviction that poetry should inspire and comfort.

This article was first included in T. H. Ward’s The English Poets as an introduction . Essays in Criticism, Series 2 published it sometime later.

 Forever Poetry |Forever Poems |Forever Life |Forever Ideas |Forever Love Poetry |Forever English Poetry

As time goes on, our species will find a steadier and steadier home in literature, where it is worthy of its exalted destinies

No faith is unshakable, no accepted belief is unquestioned, no long-held custom is safe from being eroded away. Our faith has taken physical form in reality, or what it believes to be reality; it has tethered its emotion to reality, and reality is now failing it. For poets, though, the idea is everything, and everything else is a delusion, a holy delusion. In poetry, the

concept is the reality, and the poet connects his or her feelings to it. The hidden lyricism of our faith is its most powerful aspect now. Forever Poetry |Forever Poems |Forever Life |Forever Ideas |Forever Love Poetry |Forever English Poetry

Best Forever poetry

 Forever Poetry
Forever Poetry

In James Longenbach’s compelling book Forever, the narrator analyses the paradox of being in the context of a long life using what may be called a metaphor of the mundane.

 Through epic themes and cosmic imagery, “March of the Sun” narrates the tale of a man’s life from conception to death, including fatherhood, marriage, and the changing nature of love. The second stanza in this series is an unforgettable evocation of childbirth:

From her body come forth another body not

More beautiful but beautiful

In a different way

The male speaker is awed by what he cannot comprehend and turn to meta physics:

But when this happened 

Again, it had never 

Happened before

When I initially started reading this book, I found Longenbach ‘s diction to be annoying. However, I began to appreciate the poet’s skill in presenting common phrases in lines that make us reevaluate their meaning. Forever Poetry |Forever Poems |Forever Life |Forever Ideas

Line breaks in the preceding excerpt establish a series of compositions: “happened again” and “never happened,” which amplify the conundrum at hand by pointing out how what we encounter as new has always already occurred, and how what feels like a relapse is also fundamentally new. To cooperate “in the enterprise of being” implies “forever/To have begun,” as the speaker says across these poems.  Forever Poems| Forever Life| Forever Ideas

Forever poems

Forever looks at the nature of love in the face of the inevitable question of death that comes with a cancer diagnosis. It does this with clarity and grace.

James Longenbach, whose work has been called “the crystalline, transformational, crystalline intonation of a lyric artist” (Ilya Kaminsky), uses his sixth book to reflect on a life spent in the face of mortality. A question is posed by these bright, lyrical poems: why did the poet once act as though he would live forever? Moreover, what does it imply that we won’t if we already know that?

Forever is a collection of poems written by a woman whose cancer diagnosis makes her think about love in the face of the inevitable question of her own death. Forever Poetry |Forever Poems |Forever Life |Forever Ideas

 James Longenbach, whose work has been called “the crystalline, transformational, crystalline intonation of a lyric writer” (Ilya Kaminsky), uses his sixth book to reflect on a life spent in the face of mortality. The issue posed by this brilliant, lyrical poetry is: why did this writer once act as if he would continue living? What does it even imply that we know we won’t? Forever Poetry |Forever Poems |Forever Life |Forever Ideas

From its inception in “Two People” through its continued existence in “Forever,” Forever delves deeply into the nature of love. Therein, the book delves into the looming end of all we hold dear. The poet’s personal cancer diagnosis casts everything into stark focus, from the fleeting lives of others to the fleeting beauty of Venice. Forever Poetry |Forever Poems |Forever Life |Forever Ideas

These poems are “intimately personal, achingly autobiographical,” evoking “the vivid daily life of daily life…and the uniqueness and poignancy” of recollections (Langdon Hammer, American Scholar). The poems in Forever are honest, heartfelt, and witty; they reflect back with gratitude—even excitement—on a lifetime of experiences both formative and formative. Forever Poetry |Forever Poems |Forever Life |Forever Ideas

Geoffrey Chaucer, “the first locator of our language,” was the greatest English poet before Playwright (c. 1342/43–October 25, 1400; London). The Canterbury Tales, which he wrote, are widely regarded as one of the finest examples of English poetry. As a courtier, diplomat, and public servant in the second half of the fourteenth century, he made significant contributions. In that time, he gained the confidence and support of three different monarchs: Edward III, 

 At least four generations back, Chaucer’s family was a prosperous English middle class with growing ties to the royal court in London. His paternal grandfather, John Chaucer, was a deputy to the king’s butler and a successful London vintner; his father, John Chaucer, owned property in Ipswich, Suffolk County, and London; and John Chaucer participated in

Edward III’s expedition to Antwerp, Flanders (now part of Belgium), in 1338. At the age of 53, he passed away in 1366 or 1367.  from which we get the name Chaucer. The family business was successful because of two products: wine and leather. Forever Poetry| Forever Poems| Forever Life| Forever Ideas| Forever Love Poetry |Forever English Poetry

The traditional birth year for Chaucer is around 1340, but 1342 or 1343 are more likely. His early education is unknown, though he almost certainly would have been as fluent in French as in the Middle English of the time. Not only did he learn Latin and Italian, but he became fluent in them. His writings demonstrate a thorough familiarity with numerous classic and contemporary works.

In 1357, Chaucer is documented for the first time as a member of Elizabeth, countess of Ulster, Lionel, the third son of Edward III, and his wife’s household. It was common practice for wealthy families to provide their children with opportunities for courtly education and connections to advance their careers.

 During the unsuccessful siege of Reims in 1359, while serving with Edward III’s army in France, Chaucer was captured. The king paid part of Chaucer’s ransom, and he carried messages between Calais and England during the peace talks that led to the Treaty of Westminster in 1360. In the years 1361–65, Chaucer is absent from any surviving contemporary records. Forever Poems| Forever Life| Forever Ideas| Forever Love Poetry| Forever English Poetry

 A 16th-century report implies that, while so engaged, he was fined for beating a Franciscan friar in a London street, suggesting that he was likely in the king’s service. However, he may have been studying law instead, which was not an unusual preparation for public service, then or now. When Chaucer, three friends, and two servants wanted to travel to Spain on February 22, 1366, the king of Navarre issued them certificates of safe-conduct. The way the document is written makes it sound like Chaucer was the “chief of mission” on this first of several diplomatic trips to Europe over the next 10 years. 

If anyone were to compose a poem about me, it would be you. The poems I wrote were meant to provide joy and laughter to the readers. Sometimes, after a poem has been published, I’ll have to read it and, if I don’t like it, I’ll convince myself that the world would be a better place if I hadn’t created it. Poetry in the Form of Enduring Verses Poetry, Poems, Life, and Ideas That Will Last Forever

It’s incredible to think that I got off to such a terrific start. Writing has always been a passion of mine and a relaxing activity for me. In my second post, I tried my hand at describing a genuine job I had, where I helped others hone their writing skills, and I also mentioned a few of the other things I do for a living and the kinds of things I love doing in my spare time. Poetry, Poems, Life, and Ideas That Will Last Forever

There was a simple reason for this: in my prior role, I routinely worked with senior authors who had different points of view on a variety of topics. A Poem for All Time: Forever Poetry, Forever Poems, Forever Life, Forever Ideas. Forever Poems |Forever Life| Forever Ideas| Forever Love Poetry| Forever English Poetry

They helped me grow as a writer by providing valuable feedback based on their extensive knowledge of the topics I was covering. Now that I am liberated from them, I can focus on myself and my goals, and I hope to acquire a lot of knowledge as a consequence. Writing this post required a lot of thinking on my part. Poetry, Poems, Life, and Ideas That Will Last Forever

It’s really just about how well the writers’ guidance has made me a better writer. I’ve dedicated a lot of time to writing on this subject since I finished college. Timeless Poetry

After finishing Amy Chua’s “The Writer,” I was thrilled to learn that she had also written a memoir, “On Writing Without Her Closed Eyes,” in which she detailed her life as a woman in America and her pursuit of her writing dreams. Poetry, Poems, Life, and Ideas That Will Last Forever

Since then, I’ve been keeping busy with many writing endeavors, both artistic and otherwise. Many of my usually reticent acquaintances have started writing poetry and short stories during the past few months. A Poem for All Time Poetry, Poems, Life, and Ideas That Will Last Forever


Totally new and exciting! Learning to speak up for oneself simply helps people communicate better with others. I wrote this because I felt the need to express my feelings about forever poetry. Poetry, Poems, Life, and Ideas That Will Last Forever

Robert II, and Henry VI. His poetry, written in his spare time, is what has ensured his immortality. The complexity of Chaucer’s depiction of the human quest for a sane life, as well as the breadth of his works’ subject matter, genre, tone, and style, are among his most distinctive features.  Forever Poems |Forever Life |Forever Ideas |Forever Love Poetry |Forever English Poetry

 While he often addresses serious philosophical questions with humor, his writings also reveal an underlying sense of  humor. Chaucer’s writings reveal him to be a poet of earthly and heavenly love, with themes ranging from lascivious cuckoldry to transcendental union with God. 

Thus, they provide pleasingly enjoyable views of the frailties, follies, and nobility of mankind, and frequently lead the reader to speculate about man’s relationship to his brethren and to his Maker.

                                                  Forever Life

A poem written by Alexander Pope and addressed to Abelard by his beloved Eloisa. To some extent, “The perpetual sunlight of the clean spirit” is responsible for this poem by the classical poet Alexander Pope (1688–1744) making the cut. These are the lines from the poem that are at issue:

How happy is the blameless vestal’s lot!

The world forgetting, by the world forget.

Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind!

Each prayer accepted, and each wish resigned:

Labor and rest that equal periods keep,

Obedient slumbers that can wake and weep…..;

As a whole, nonetheless, the poem is filled with allusions to the timeless. It’s a heroic couplet epistle (a verse letter) about the mediaeval characters Heloise d’ Argenteuil and Peter Interested, whom she secretly married.  Forever Poetry |Forever Poems |Forever Life| Forever Ideas

A poem by Alexander Pope, written in the voice of Abelard’s sweetheart, Eloisa This poem by classic poet Alexander Pope (1688–1744) made the cut in large part because of its central image, “The continuous radiance of the clean mind.” The controversial portions of the poem are as follows:

  1. How happy is the blameless vestal’s lot!
  2. The world forgetting, by the world forget.
  3. Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind!
  4. Each prayer’s accepted, and each wish resigned:
  5. Labour and rest that equal periods keep,
  6. Obedient slumbers that can wake and weep…..;

However, the poem as a whole is rife with references to the timeless. It’s a poem letter about the heroic couplet epistles of the mediaeval figures Hélose d’Argenteui and Peter Intrigued, whom she secretly wed. Poetry, poems, and thoughts that last forever

Forever Ideas

When someone writes a poem about me, it should be about you. You might say I composed my own poetry to make others happy and laugh. From time to time, I’ll have to read one of those poems after it’s been published, and if I dislike it, I’ll persuade myself that it would’ve been better if I hadn’t written it. Poetry That Will Last A Lifetime  Forever Poetry |Forever Poems| Forever Life| Forever Ideas

 To think that I had such a good start is astounding. I’ve always loved to write and considered it a pastime of mine. For my second entry, I thought I’d give it a go at writing about a real job I had, where I worked with individuals to help them improve as writers, and I also included some of the other occupations and activities I enjoy doing besides writing.  |Forever Poems |Forever Life |Forever Ideas

 The explanation for this was straightforward: in my previous position, I frequently collaborated with older authors who held contrasting perspectives on several issues. Eternal Verse   |Forever Poems |Forever Life |Forever Ideas

 Through their insight and expertise in the things I was writing about, they aided my development as a writer. Now that I am free from them, I can take some time to think about who I am and what I want, and I expect to gain a wealth of insight as a result. A lot of introspection went into writing this piece.  Forever Poetry |Forever Poems |Forever Life |Forever Ideas

To put it simply, it’s about how the writers’ advice has helped me improve as a writer. Since graduating from university, I’ve spent much of my time writing on this topic. Poetry That Will Last A Lifetime

Additionally, after reading Amy Chua’s “The Writer,” I discovered that she had penned her memoir, “On Writing Without Her Eyes Closed,” which provided great insight into her experiences as a woman in America and her hopes and aspirations as a writer. Forever Poetry |Forever Poems |Forever Life |Forever Ideas

 My creative writing and other writing projects have kept me occupied since then. In retrospect, that was a wise decision on my part. Over the past several months, many of my normally reserved friends have begun penning poems and short tales. Eternal Verse  Forever Poetry |Forever Poems |Forever Life |Forever Ideas

 What a refreshing change! People merely learn that they can communicate more effectively if they get the confidence to speak out for themselves. I wanted to share my thoughts about Forever poetry, so I composed this. Forever Poetry |Forever Poems |Forever Life |Forever Ideas

But I’m not happy about it either. At least when it comes to poetry, I’m not sure what I’m going for. If I start composing poetry, I feel like a complete idiot. The reason is not that I don’t give a damn. But I’m not sure if I’ve established my own unique tone just yet. The fact is that I am paralyzingly terrified.


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