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National Poetry

National Poetry

Founded by the Academy of American Poets  in April 1996, National POETRY Month reminds the public that poets have an important role to play in our culture and that poetry is important. During the year it becomes the

most literary celebration in the world, with tens of millions of readers, K-12 teachers, libraries,  curators of book practices , publishers, truth, poetry, historical symbols. of poetry. important place in our life.

Thanks in part to our National Poetry Month partners and supporters, every April schools are able to provide programs, initiatives and resources so that everyone can participate in the event:

Discover 30 ways to celebrate National Month online and at home

Discover 30 ways to celebrate National Anthem Month in the classroom

Join the Academy of American Poets for the Virtual Poetry & Creative Mind Gala on April 28

Find poetry readings and online events and poetry calendars near you and add your own

Encourage students in grades 5-12 to participate in the Dear Poet 2022 project

Contribute to the Academy of American Poets

Add the National Month logo to your program

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