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Mohabbat Ka Bharam

Mohabbat Ka Bharam

mohabbat ka bharam
mohabbat ka bharam

    Mohabbat Ka Bharam  If there was an illusion of love, then the green birds would have come to my mind to see the life passing by. If someone had been waiting, we would have gone to our house and eaten. 


So, you would have disintegrated no matter how strong you were. I had received such a severe trauma.


 This loneliness is also a great blessing to us. You were my summer and you were my thirst and you were the hope hidden in the arms of the desert. My pain is in the embrace of every wound, and you are the one who feels the relief of this pain. We have fulfilled the illusion of relationships all our lives..Mohabbat Ka Bharam

 Now, even if someone convinces, us, we do not feel the truth. It smells in my heart and soul, it looks like a blossoming rose, it is hidden in the colors of the dank, it is hidden in the rain, it is like a dream in the rain, it is like a dream adorned on the eyelids, in the blink of an eye it will be shattered.


 I tried, but I couldn’t forget. I think about it for a moment, then I regret it. This heart also does its own thing. How can I explain it? I dont understand it. How the heart has done wrong. I was deceived by people, I did not expect We have become nameless.Mohabbat Ka Bharam

 Whose name should we write on the palm of our hand in your love? We would never express our grief to you if we knew that you would smile instead of comforting us when you heard our sorrow. You were proud of beauty. 


The day is over, there is a love that will never end, if it is true, then you have no chance to come back, you will be busy, but this world does not know, is there no love for us to prove this world to be false? It seems that the desire has diminished..Mohabbat Ka Bharam

 I have felt this for a long time, but still I have not complained to you. Now it seems that the emotions are dead. You were so brave. Your name on every leaf of the desert. Your promises were such that they said, If I leave you, I will not die.


When he goes on beautiful paths, dreams come back to him and there are many more moments with him. He remembers the good days of his life that he longs for and this feeling of his. It is necessary for him to accompany Sanam in all his happiness and never let him be alone. He acknowledges everything on his forehead, but this is what happens when the distance between them increases.


 So the situation becomes so tense that he can handle himself in a very difficult way so he is very sad, his heart and he feels anxious, he also remembers the days he spent well. But when he thinks of all these things that he sometimes has to complain about his destiny, which is why instead of remembering his past well, he regrets it and does not let his grief live. As the pleasure grows so much he becomes mad at it and in love he begins to realize it and if it is seen he must have the illusion of fidelity but if he Does not.



No matter how difficult the path is, we have to walk with it and we have to confuse each other while walking on it because if we don’t do it, not only will we lose our respect from the other’s heart, but They retreat, so it is better to maintain each other’s respect and to be with them while embracing their feelings and to give them a feeling that will never be broken and to be sincere with them Increase.

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