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Os Bewafa Se Tu Mosam Achy

Os Bewafa Se Tu Mosam Achy

اس بے وفا سے تو موسم اچھے
جو بدل کر بھی پھر آجاتے ہیں
इस विश्वासघात के कारण मौसम अच्छा है
जो बदलकर भी वापस आ जाते हैं
Os Bewafa Se Tu Mosam Achy
Jo Bdal Kr Bhi Phir Aa Jaty Hai 

Urdu poetry is famous all over the world. There are many types of poetry, including love poetry, sad poetry, humorous poetry,dua poetry,religious poetry, friendship poetry and lyric poetry and poems included.

Urdu poetry is full of many emotions which make it easy to express one’s feelings. 

Urdu poets are known all over the world .People like to read Urdu poetry. Music is also used in Urdu poetry from which different styles and melodies are composed.Urdu poetry reflects our emotions. Urdu poetry is a vast knowledge that Os Bewafa Se Tu Mosam Achy can never be complete.


 Urdu poetry forces man to think, that is, it also includes the aspect of intellect and thinking. There are many famous poets, some of whom are at the top, including Allama Iqbal Mir Dard Parveen Shakir Baba Bulleh Shah Mohsin Naqvi Miranis Faiz Ahmed Faiz and Wasi Shah.Urdu poetry is written in the form of lines,two lines,four lines and paragraphs. 

It is considered necessary to include music in ghazal poetry. people prefer to listen to poetry instead of reading it in Os Bewafa Se Tu Mosam Achy books. Every poet has a unique style of poetry which becomes his identity. Golden sayings are also largely linked to poetry. 


Natural habits also have a distinctive feature in poetry which is important. Urdu poetry is a source of knowledge that is vast and can never end. Many famous poets gained worldwide recognition through their poetry

and achieved great ranks and destinations by celebrating their hard work which is a very demanding work. It is a great honor to have a place in poetry and to maintain that place is even more so.

Allama Iqbal wrote many books of poetry in which Bang Dara Bal Jibril Zabur e Ajam are very famous. Poetry was Allama Iqbal’s obsession. You have written your poetry books in many languages which will be translated into many languages.


Your poetry was appreciated by many people and even poets considered you as their teacher. The place you have found in poetry Os Bewafa Se Tu Mosam Achy is unparalleled because you worked tirelessly to complete it. There are timeless stories of your poetry. Your name is at the forefront in popularizing Urdu poetry.

                       PROMOTION OF DEMOCRACY

Justice and social equality are emphasized in order to establish a just society. In order to maintain the distinction of caste, color,Os Bewafa Se Tu Mosam Achy  race and culture in society, human beings have the right to be given equal status. Equal law and

person writes system for Islamic state which is the basic consultation of the society. Democracy is promoted in the society by which the rights of the people are taken care of and they are given status in the legal realm. By staying, women provide their protection.


 They are equal in the eyes of all. Brotherhood and fraternity are very important in the society. The society needs to continue this. It teaches that fraternal relations are established among them. The right to be should not be taken away and

no one should oppress the weak and work honestly and avoid hatred and jealousy from anyone and come by chance and help each other. Under no circumstances should it be allowed that the lives of minorities living in a society should be respected and respected religiously. Wayats should not be protected.

                    Bewafa se wafa | Loyal to unfaithful

My faithfulness, believe in my promise, the meeting is near. Wait a minute.When a person’s inner weather is good, he likes everything outside because I thought that you are the only one, my whole world and myYou are still there. 

                          BICHARNY WALY | Calves 

When a person is separated from someone, he becomes accustomed to being alone and Os Bewafa Se Tu Mosam Achy he becomes lonely. He sees despair. In this case, he likes to be alone. He does not like to talk to anyone and he becomes frustrated. When a person meets a person who has a calf, he is happy. He starts to have old memories that make him feel happy. 

                    ye dil e bewafa se wafa | This heart is unfaithful 

The heart is a sensitive thing that has both emotions and feelings. Whenever there is an opportunity for happiness or sorrow, it is felt very quickly. Man is inclined when one is faithful to it. And the heart begins to feel disgusted.

Happiness comes from being faithful to the unfaithful, which is both a moral requirement and a good thing.



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