کبھی خاموشی بہت کچھ کہہ جاتی ہے

 تڑپنے کیلئے بس یاد ره  جاتی    ہے

 کیا       فرق   پڑتا   ہے   دل  ہو  یا د یا

جلنے کے بعد صرف راکھ ره جاتی ہے

कभी-कभी चुप्पी बहुत कुछ कहती है
  बस दुख ही याद है

इससे कोई फर्क पड़ता है कि यह दिल है या नहीं?
जलने के बाद केवल राख रह जाती है

Kabhi Khamooshi Bohat Kuch Keh Jati Hai

 Trapny     K   Liy  Bs  Yaad  Reh  Jati  Hi

Kia Fraq Parta Hai Dil Ho Ya Diya

Jalny K Baad Sirf Raakh Reh Jati Hai

              Kabhi Khamooshi Bohat Kuch Keh Jati Hai 2020


Love Poetry Creates Eternal Feelings Many philosophers  say that love created for the love of the world is an  emotion   that can eliminate feelings of hatred. It helps people  to live a quiet life. Is the best way to express love in words  we can't   express our love in words but love poetry gives us  bestopportunity to do so.

Love poetry is the best way to  express   your  deepest feelings that you feel. There are many people who find it  very comfortable to express themselves but some  people    are like that.Those who feel ashamed of their expression  and    do not  feel comfortable in expressing their feelings of love  need love poetry to express their feelings.People   who feel   ashamed to express themselves have  to use  poetry  for this purpose.

Instead of explaining them in words, we have to express love through the way that other people feel it. It is easy to say that we love them so we can find the best words to express   them. Poetry of love is the best way to communicate the feelings we feel for someone.Kabhi Khamooshi Bohat Kuch Keh Jati Hai 2020

                                                                            GOOD  SOCIETY

Rich or poor, everyone is attached to their hobbies, they can be based on their habits and nature, but it can also include their own personal interests or habits. Difficult and easy conditions can affect their lives. Conditions can be good or bad, but they have to depend on themselves to deal with them. The world is a house of misery. As nothing can live, time can give him all kinds of troubles. Happiness and sorrow are the real combination of his life, but knowing this, his worries increase and neither does his hope, and so on. There is no solution to such problems. Ease in life is scarce. Hard times do not come by asking. Trouble is a part of their lives.Kabhi Khamooshi Bohat Kuch Keh Jati Hai 2020

Every human being has to taste it. In every part of the age, this problem increases. Whether it is a problem of progress or decline, it is closely related to it. Humanity demands that it be implemented in every way. It doesn't matter, we have to control our emotions and face a lot of pain and suffering in order to act on it. Man is a noble creature, he is proud of it. Every aspect of them can be seen in them that they act on. A family is known for its attitude in their society. Kabhi Khamooshi Bohat Kuch Keh Jati Hai 2020 .

It can be both positive and negative because they act on every aspect of their life. Teaches that society plays a major role in highlighting its good and evil.Whether it is internal or external, when it all depends on them, it is incumbent upon all of us human beings in the society to do our duty well and find good ways for ourselves so that we can have good opportunities in life. Let the people be calm and let us have a good atmosphere.Kabhi Khamooshi Bohat Kuch Keh Jati Hai 2020

                                                                     Love poetry in Urdu

It is very wrong to mix the happiness of others for your own happiness, because such happiness does not matter if there are tears of sorrow for another person behind it, no matter how much that person spends on you. And you must restore that confidence