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Kuch Log Akhir Tk Wafadaar Nahin Hoty

Kuch Log Akhir Tk Wafadaar Nahin Hoty

Kuch Log Akhir Tk Wafadaar Nahin Hoty
Kuch Log Akhir Tk Wafadaar Nahin Hoty 


Kuch Log Akhir Tk Wafadaar Nahin Hoty
کچھ لوگ آخر تک وفا دار نہیں ہوتے
ساتھ چلنے والے بھی ہم سفر نہیں ہوتے
کتنا خوف ہوتا ہے شام کے اندھیروں میں
پوچھ ان پرندوں سے جن کے گھر سلامت نہیں ہوتے
कुछ लोग अंत तक वफादार नहीं होते हैं
हम एक साथ यात्रा नहीं करते हैं
शाम के अंधेरे में यह कितना भयावह है
उन पक्षियों से पूछें जिनके घर सुरक्षित नहीं हैं
Kuch Log Akhir Tk Wafadaar Nahin Hoty 
Sath Chalny Waly Bhi Humsafar Nahin Hoty
Kitna Khowf Hota Hai Sham K Andhairon may
Pooch In Prindon Se Jin K Ghar Salamat Nahin Hoty


 Sad poetry is an easy way to express your feelings through words. We see many people in our lives who are friendly, some loving and some hateful and unfaithful. It is not necessary that we

read unfaithful poetry only for those who love because it can be anyone. Wafa can send poetry In the past, Mirza Ghalib Mir Taqi, Allama Iqbal Mir Anis Mir Dard wrote poems on such topics.Kuch Log Akhir Tk Wafadaar Nahin Hoty 

In the poetry of these poets you can find topics like love, romance and infidelity. Everyone wants to write good quality poetry that expresses deep feelings. Poetry is something that can express multiple ideas in simple and concise words. In Urdu poetry you can find poetry on many topics. Kuch Log Akhir Tk Wafadaar Nahin Hoty 


You can easily express your feelings in ghazals and poems. Ghazals and poems also help you to express the feelings of unfaithful people. We need to express all kinds of feelings so that we can feel satisfied to share our feelings with anyone. Ryqh poetry. 

                                     Loyal people

Patience and gratitude are attributes that are the proof of the perfection of faith. Through them, a person can take comfort and prosperity in such a way that according to faith, the conditions that befall him in this worldly life

are pleasant for him And sometimes they are very painful. In both cases, human behavior should not leave the aspect of gratitude. Patience and gratitude are very important in our individual and collective lives.


 Patience is something that creates endurance in human beings. And in unpleasant situations, it gives the process of self-control and reflection. Whether it is anxiety, distress or trauma, thanksgiving is important. In the sense of thanksgiving, it is important to appreciate it. Believing and expressing it openly with the tongue deserves the most thanks to you. 


Thanksgiving is also very important in such a life because a person lives a life of his own family in his family from birth to death. Thanks to the family is the main component of society. The effects of society on the family are formed. Honey is another of the abilities that can be used to make things easier. Life is one and the same. 

           zindagi ab bhi muskurati hai |Life still smiles

Life is an invaluable thing. A smile brings happiness and peace to the heart and it also brings happiness and peace to the environment. Five fingers are not equal. Not every human being is the same. They also have good qualities. And because of the good and the bad, they are made easier, and the closeness and mutual hatred have increased, and so the life has become more colorful and the relationship has increased.

      Chorna shayari in urdu | Quit poetry in Urdu


Urdu poetry is very famous all over the world because many poets did a lot of work in it and played an important role in bringing it to completion. This is the reason why people still remember him with good words because of his poetry. Which is a fulfillment and a great thing.Kuch Log Akhir Tk Wafadaar Nahin Hoty 

                    Dil poetry 2 lines|Heart Poetry to Lines

When someone falls in love in the heart, it feels like magic has been cast on him because it is good to feel about the one who strengthens the relationship and desires each other, but if there is hatred in the heart There is a lot of depression for someone and peace and happiness disappear, so we need to create good relationships to create an atmosphere of peace.


Kuch Log Akhir Tk Wafadaar Nahin Hoty . Heart and mind play an important role in love because the brain is based on thinking and the heart. It is the exact opposite of what one does not understand, only feels, which creates emotions and feelings. 



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