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I am alone 2017

I am alone 2017
I am alone 2017

I am alone 2017

How did the days of bondage pass? How did the I am alone 2017 days pass? How did the nights pass? Don’t ask what our condition will be like. No one knows where he makes so much love. If it is not insanity, then what else can happen? It is not up to us to bear it.


 Their distant ideas reflect it. There is a condition that affects these factors in different ways. 

It has a big impact on the lifestyle. When your eyes meet, I see no one but you. You have blown the sleep out of my eyes, but I miss you i feel like you look at me in the evening where do you live or where do you look at me in the evening where are you lost you don’t know that even a moment now i don’t feel like you I have become so familiar with you. 

                                                        I am alone ending

Man is instinctively change-loving, he is never satisfied with a single thing, so he sometimes adds new things to the society and leaves out many common things, and in such cases it causes many changes in the environment. Every society changes over time. It is very difficult to imagine a society in which change does not take place. The process of social change continues in the world.


 Which can have a negative and positive effect on his life which can separate him from others and also agree that human nature becomes lonely when he suffers from problems he knows that misery is his life And no human being will be of any use to it and no one is ready to make him happy.I am alone 2017 


Everyone is based on criticism instead of seeing everyone happy. All the movements and performances of our life have only one purpose ie we are happy. My performance is in accordance with the social norms. This reward makes us happy and saves us from many troubles.I am alone 2017

He looks with envy on a person whose relationship is better suited to meet his needs. Emotions of love Any fulfillment is not possible individually. In order to be carried out in a better way, one has to try to fulfill the basic desires independently of the Guru

No matter how satisfied these people may be with their desires, the group ties related to these desires are cut off which makes them see in their life. The individual character of the people is different from their character. The people who are members of a group The role is different from their individual role.

 They do things in their group membership that we don’t like to do alone or can’t afford to do alone. Characters are of such a nature that it is not possible to analyze individual tendencies, and on the other hand, individuals may appear to be peace-loving individuals with high values ??when individuals associate themselves with different groups.I am alone 2017


 They also have social preferences and on the other hand it is important to understand that if this is not done and left alone, there can be no discipline in individuals which can lead to chaos.

Sometimes in group relationships we Conflict is also felt, but it creates new relationships and ultimately Stability is destined Man’s needs are such that not only are they impossible to meet individually, but they are achieved only in collective difficulty.

Rituals of joy and sorrow and festivals in meeting man’s collective needs. They seem to be helpful, without which they cannot be fulfilled individually.I am alone 2017

Man is lonely only when he is selfish and does not get along with anyone else.

This loneliness can last for a few days and forever it affects its nature and the factors that affect it.





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