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Dil Ka Darwaza Khol Diya

Dil Ka Darwaza Khol Diya
dil ka darwaza khol diya

Dil Ka Darwaza Khol Diya

Loneliness is something that Dil Ka Darwaza Khol Diya makes a person frustrated. A person drowning in this loneliness loses his future and cannot maintain his senses. He feels loneliness in loneliness. The hatreds and resentments of the world force him to stay apart.

It gives rise to various kinds of problems and difficulties. In this state, it stops working. This world of helplessness makes it more painful and leads to loneliness. It does not like any work at all.

It feels like sugar, you can’t breathe a sigh of relief, you have to face many difficult situations to live your life, whether it is difficult or easy, you have to walk in it all the way, but there are some situations that arise A very strange situation arises.


 I think in order to maintain the balance of life, I have to get rid of loneliness and I have to give priority to improving the situation so that the situation is good and there is happiness everywhere and in relationships. May peace prevail and an atmosphere of contentment prevail. 

                                                                                     Nazar Lag Jayegi

When the fiction of the heart reaches the tongues of the eyes, it is time to move on. Now see how far we have reached. We like to live in the memories of those whose eyes ask us many times. As far as the heart is concerned,

when there is a movement in the heart, there is a feeling of restlessness which opens the doors of our Dil Ka Darwaza Khol Diya memories from the heart and it feels as if a breath of fresh air is blowing even though we were in such a delicate mood. But the situation is like this.Dil Ka Darwaza Khol Diya

 I don’t feel like it anymore and I don’t understand what is lacking. There is silence everywhere. Signs of memories are still present in the islands. Seeing them, I feel the sound of waiting for you. Looking for the lamp at night, take all the streets again, but you are nowhere to be found.


The whole world is asleep, but I am still immersed in your thoughts. Loneliness, I am not dust. It’s time to dump her and move on. We have to endure so much pain to live, even if we smile, we don’t have to pay off our debts.  

Such are the seasons of grief and sometimes we live on the same hope. The fear of grief is now in our Dil Ka Darwaza Khol Diya hearts. The punishment of your desire will give us so much sorrow and all happiness will be taken away. 


We never thought that if we knew that we could face such a bad situation if we found you, then we Dil Ka Darwaza Khol Diya would never trust you. No, but today we are sorry, we are so compelled that we could not see anything else. 
We were so lost in you that our heart made a mistake in making decisions and often the decisions of the heart are wrong.

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