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Dil Dharakne Ka Sabab

    Dil Dharakne Ka Sabab


dil dharakne ka sabab

Dil Dharakne Ka Sabab


Summer has come, let me shower love, I have seen the scene of you and the Dil Dharakne Ka Sabab rain drops, I have heard, the prayer is accepted in the rain, the season of meeting you and me has also become more lovely, it makes me want to keep you in front of my eyes all the time and for the rest of my life.


Never let the shadow of a stranger fall and keep you hidden in my arms Let me cross your limits in love This is the first time I fall in love with you so much I can’t stand your separation for a moment In the morning and


evening I feel like You are settled in my breath.

If you are with me, love me so much that I will spend the whole night waiting for you. Come to me with all your sorrows and griefs. We have your thoughts in our minds. It seems that good days have come.

 As we were thinking and feeling like the weather is like the sky in the rainy season, the season of fidelity, the season of the heart, if the weather is right, everything seems to be fine, beautiful moments come in life, smiles are restored, which It looks more like a waterfall in the beautiful valley. There is happiness everywhere. 

Dil Dharakne DO

There are many memories attached to the heart. When it beats, we start remembering the times which make our nature happy. To whom should I present my condition? It seems as if no one in our dreams is left alone. We have to live on the memory. When we are in trouble, then their memory is very bad.

 In such a situation, it becomes difficult to handle ourselves. The day also passes with great difficulty. Every moment is surrounded by their memory. When I remember your promises, my heart is relieved. Sometimes I feel that you have forgotten us because you are not returning.

Do you not remember your words and the promises of fidelity that you have forgotten? And how far have you reached the measure of fidelity? Remember that day it was not a dream. It is the truth. So why did you go back so far? If


there was to be separation, then there must be such a situation, such conditions had to be created, I found you in every street corner, I forgot my own identity for you, so I encountered people in the society who were very strange and troubling to me.


 I had to endure so much grief because of you. It seems that my body is broken. I no longer have the courage to endure and I am so full of grief and sorrow that no one can hear us. Who can we tell our situation to? We used to talk about every heart,


we used to tell our every sorrow, now you are not there either, so to whom should I tell all this? When I sit outside in solitude and bring my story before my eyes, I feel that tears do not stop.

 It all feels like a scene on the threshold of time as if it is not an old thing now. Time is defeated if it is not valued but it is a decision of destiny. It cannot be complained about in time


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