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full time writer
full time writer

 becoming a full-time writer has truly been a dream come true. Every day is exciting and I am always growing and surpassing myself. Full Time Writer | Best Writing – Freelance.

Connect with people who really attract you. Over time, a good relationship will develop. Then, when you need a writing service, ask for it. The best options for contacting others include Facebook messages, Twitter direct messages, Link messages, e-mails,

text messages, and phone calls. If you don’t know who to contact, a general inquiry post on Facebook is a Full Time Writer good start. When you contact someone, record the response on a piece of paper. Be careful not to contact people only when you need something. Instead, be intentional about socializing with your friends.

Here’s a secret no one tells you: Maybe you’ll say “yes” to some jobs you never thought you’d be doing. This is normal. Also note that many writing opportunities pay next to nothing. You may want to pick up some of them.

If you have a large network in place, you will spend more time writing and less time looking for new customers.

A timer will be your best friend because it will let you know how much time you have spent working. Otherwise, you can spend hours on “research” or social media. A great free app to consider is StayFocusd which is an add-on for the

Google Chrome browser. It blocks distracting apps after a short period of time or blocks them completely.

  • Some days are simply more productive than others. The fewer tools you use, the more imagination you can put into writing. For example, I use Microsoft Word for freelance work because it’s important, Scrivener for ebooks, and
  • physical books for outlines. Nothing else. If a change of equipment is necessary, it is best to complete the current tasks and make the change. Otherwise, you’re cutting yourself short when you’re trying to learn how to use a new tool to do your job.
  • Few authors can make money from their books alone. Unless you have an extensive library of popular books, you’ll need to diversify your budget. Many writers choose to write, speak, edit, or even teach themselves. I absolutely love the variety. 
  • Talent isn’t enough. What matters is discipline. It is 10,000 times harder to be a full time writer than you think it will be. But it’s really worth it. Write deliberately and set a timer for a long period of time to maximize your efforts.
  • I like the Pomodoro technique because it is very similar to the “practice” used in the comments on this blog. After a 5-minute break, you will work for another 25 minutes. It’s also an easy way to keep track of how much time you’re spending.

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