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Love is Blind Dropped The Cole and Zainab Cuties Sence

season three of love is blind introduce viewers to Cole Barnett and Zainab Jeffery the from the day they met in person it was clear Cole wasn’t physically attracted to Zainab he made comments about
her being a nine whilst he rated colleen reed this costar

it took them all the way up to this wedding day when at the altar Zainab put herself first the said i don t. she ripped into cole saying he haltered her self-confidence the ended this entire relationship. then comes the reunion the she says he tried note control what she ate telling viewers about a time when he made a fuss over her eating before going out for dinner later that evening.

What is the cuties story on love is blind?
at the love is blind season three reunion Zainab the cole faced each other for the first time since this wedding day Zainab brings up the cuties story the claims cole attempted to control what at she ate the tried to make her change her eating habits. cole laughs in her face the replies that’s hilarious. i never once cared what are you talking about? Zainab then says the story didn’t make the cute the it was like 2pm we were still filming so i grabbed two cuties like the little tiny oranges that fit in the palm of your the. He looked at me the he goes Are you going to eat both of those? the i said yeah that’s a serving.

she continued to say cole told her maybe you should save your apatite as they were going out to eat later cole continues to deny this ever happened the says to roll the footage if they’ve got it. which the producers did at the very end of episode the Zainab was proved right

Here;s how the cuties conversation went down
cole: peeling oranges. are you about to eat two of those?

zanab:maybe hats a serving.you okay with that?

cole you better save your appetito

Zainab I’ve only had a banana the a scoop of peanut butter today.

cole:im talking a big old sucker tonight.you only had a banana today?why?

zanab:i could tell you but probadly shouldnt
cole:i offered you a pokebowl.

zanab:i know you did but we had last night.

fan reaction to this scence have been mixed for nsome reason.there seems to be a few cole apologists out there burt we all know the sence proved zanab right anyway.

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