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Sad Poetry in Urdu


Sad Poetry in Urdu
 Sad Poetry in Urdu

    Sad Poetry in Urdu

رنج و غم سے نجات مل جائے
 ایک تیری جو ذات مل جائے
پھر سے محمود کوئی اٹھے گا   
ہاں  اگر سومنات مل  جا ئے
سب فسانہ بنا کے چھوڑیں گے
 میرے بارے جو کوئی بات مل جائے
 دل دوبارہ بھی جڑ سکے جس سے
کوئی تو ا یسی دھا ت مل  جا ئے
 اس کو غیروں سے کون سا شکوه
 جس کو اپنوں سے مات مل جائے
اس  کی آغوش میں  ہو سر میرا  
قلزم ایسی کوئی رات مل جائے
 दुःख और शोक से छुटकारा पाओ
  वह जिसकी जाति पाई जाती है
  महमूद फिर उठेगा
  हां, अगर सोमनाथ मिल जाए
  हर कोई इसे एक मिथक के रूप में छोड़ देगा
  मेरे बारे में कुछ भी पाया
  जिससे दिल फिर से जुड़ जाए
किसी को ऐसी धातु मिल जाती है
  उसे दूसरों से क्या शिकायत
  जो अपने ही द्वारा पराजित होगा
  मेरा सिर उसकी बाहों में हो सकता है

ऐसी रात मिल जाए

Peace in our life can only come when you are with me because if you are not with me then happiness in life sometimes feels like sorrow and with you can save me and save me from sorrow many such people There are those who leave with false promises. Sad Poetry in Urdu

 There is no one to keep them together because there is nothing in the world that can reconcile the heart. If there is, it is only human fidelity that can fill the heart. When we are not supported by our own, our resentment can defeat us. It reduces intimacy and breeds hatred, but what is good is to share and have a good time with it. 


Urdu Sad Poetry – What is Sad Poetry? – Sad poetry is the expression of your sorrows and every human being experiences in their life. people engage their self in loneliness to overcome their sadness and some people find comfort in Sad Poetry in Urdu. It is a vice versa process that when you feel sad you

read or sad shayari and give other people a chance to feel the same way. Urdu Sad Poetry images provide you the  direction to pen your emotions and thoughts in simple words. Sad Poetry in Urdu is a platform that utters your emotional and also provides you relief in your hurdles.


                          SAD POETRY IN URDU FOR LOVE

Urdu Sad poetry images gained popularity since  time of Mirza Ghalib. The Urdu sad poetry pics of Mirza Ghalib depicts his broken heart, the misery of society in his life. The sad shayari in Urdu of Mir Dard, Mir Taqi Mir

is another example of Urdu Sad Poetry collections. The trend of Urdu Sad poetry gained popularity during that time and changed forms with time. 

                           SAD POETRY IN ENGLISH

It is an online platform to all those who fail to express their sentiments openly can choose to dedicate and share sad poetry in Urdu with loved ones. You can read, write, comment, and some of the finest collection of sad poetry images available

on this page. brings you some of the hand picked and latest collection of Urdu sad poetry pics from the renowned conventional Urdu poets like Mir Dard, Mirza Ghalib. You need to speak your heart out at times to feel relax and comfortable.  

 urdu poetry wale sad shayari section gives you an opportunity to share, comment, and read Urdu sad poetry images online. Express your sad feelings and  with Pakistan’s largest collection of “Urdu Sad Poetry, Ghazals & Shayari”.

Read,  and share your favorite sad poetry in Urdu online. Your feedback is very highly appreciated. You can post your feedback about  page in the reviews section. Find updated sad poetry images collection available for broken hearts on urdu poetry wale. 


Man forgets everything but never forgets the moments that hurt him so much and especially the things when we need our own but leave it with him if man has limited desires. It is possible to avoid those who give him an opportunity to reduce his grief. 

Man should be patient in every situation. If someone betrays him, he should remain strong, because if someone betrays him, he will get the answer from the Throne and should never expect anything from others because if you Doing so will leave you with nothing but frustration.  

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