Ron Sexton, Ron Sexton Dead: Comedian,

Ron Sexton is a musician or artist who has created a huge name in the music field and is highly praised by people because he has created a great name in his field of music and created very good performances. 

He is also a very good artist and not only in music, he made a name for himself, so many people would have enjoyed his concert and appreciated him, but when his family heard the news of his death on the radio, they mourned him. 

He was very shocked when he heard about it and confirming it, long-time cast member of Debab and Time show Gulkara Christian passed away during the tour of his stand-up comedy show in section Abeyo on Friday.

  • Rooh Scott said Ron I have no words you were a friend and I will never forget to check in on you thank you for everything you are worthy of food prayers were a stand-up comedian in America and 
  • The Bob and Time Show I was also the host where he played the role of Donnie Baker and got his nickname Room Section Arab Donnie Baker was from the Indiana Police Department in the US and 
  • grew up there. Khanna released a statement on his passing on Saturday in a Facebook post.
Ron Sexton, Ron Sexton Dead: Comedian,
Ron Sexton, Ron Sexton Dead: Comedian,

He was Donnie Baker for most of you but for us Ron and Dad please respect our privacy and our family at this time. Please pray for Rooh. He was a dear colleague and friend and we will miss him dearly. and we will remember

him with love and gratitude. Tom Grace, part Bob, Time Show co-host, comedian and radio personality , best known for his role as Donnie Baker on The Rabb and Time Show, is 52 years old. He passed away unexpectedly on Friday in Abuja while on the road in the middle of his Stand Up Committee tour.

He is said to have been an unlikely In Indiana policeman, Ron went on to love comedy and debate in the 1970s and honed his craft as an on-base commentator at his high school radio station. Fortunately, he got his big break in 2005 

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