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Mujy Milna Hai Tum Se Us Jahan May

Mujy Milna Hai Tum Se Us Jahan May

love -poetry-in-urdu
love -poetry-in-urdu
Mujy Milna Hai Tum Se Us Jahan May
مجھے ملنا ہے تم سے اس جہاں میں
جس جہاں میں بچھڑنے کا رواج نہ ہو
मैं आपसे इसी जगह मिलना चाहता हूं
जहां छोड़ने की परंपरा नहीं है
Mujy Milna Hai Tum Se Us Jahan May
Jis Jahan May Bicharny ka Rivaj Na Ho 

Many people like to read and listen to Urdu poetry. Love poetry is a great way to express your feelings of sadness and grief. Sadness is a part of life that everyone experiences in their daily life. The best way to express your feelings is to listen to or read sad poems. Almost every poem is a special collection of sad poetry of a lover. Sometimes there is sadness in life, sometimes there is happiness. 

 It makes us despair, but poetry gives us a lot of hope and makes us calm and satisfied. Some people find it necessary to live in solitude in order to overcome their grief. Some people find solace in sad poetry in Urdu. You can read or write sad

poetry which other people can also enjoy. The best way to express your grief is in your own language. Images of sad poetry give you the right direction to punish your feelings and emotions in simple words. Sad Poetry in Urdu is a platform based on your emotional stories. And gives you happiness even in your obstacles.Mujy Milna Jahan Rivaaj

                                         Social customs

Allah Almighty has given man the status of the noblest of creatures. This means that he is the highest and most glorious of all creatures. It is known that there are classes in a good society. What does a person do and stay away from bad habits?

People start to Mujy Milna Hai Tum Se Us Jahan May understand it as good. Peace is established in the society and the society stays away from bad habits. To be a good person, one must have many virtues. 

A good person gets a lot of respect in the society and becomes good in the eyes of the people. People who do bad deeds are considered bad by all and they try to stay away from them. No one considers the hypocrites in the society as good.


People who are hypocrites lie, so they are called hypocrites in the society. People who establish peace and order in the society are considered good. Every word of it is obeyed and this person is put ahead in every work. The economy also has a great impact on society and everything about it is considered admirable. 

     yaara o yaara ishq ne mara | Yara o yara Ishq hit

Friendship is not for everyone. Friendship is the name of the game. There is hardly a person in the world who is not a friend of anyone. It is only possible when two people are so sincere with each other that every destination seems easy and makes life worth living. 

            Jeet sansoon ka chalna | Winning breaths

Breathing and heart palpitations can only happen due to someone’s love. Coming and going in dreams is a sign of love which is seen everywhere. The same feeling of breath is a sign of love which is like love. Man doesn’t see anyone,Mujy Milna Hai Tum Se Us Jahan May

he loves every move, his laughter, everything seems very cute, his beauty is very much appreciated, his memories are good to live in discussions and thoughts, such a beautiful time closes. It makes the world look beautiful and lovely. 

Mujy Milna Hai Tum Se Us Jahan May

Jeet dil ka kia kry sahib |What can you do to win, sir?

No one is overwhelmed by the heart because it is something that is beyond the reach of human beings. Sometimes we think, sometimes we remember Mujy Milna Hai Tum Se Us Jahan May them. They do not call them bad, but claim love and affection for them, love them and blame themselves, and still acknowledge them as pure. 


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