What is an Acrostic Poem for Kids: Examples and Forms

If you're a fan of steganography - the art of hiding text messages - you might enjoy writing an acrostic poem. From the alphabet book to the golden shovel, acrostic poetry usurped the use of line poetry. This form allows you to insert hidden meanings, gain inspiration, or simply enjoy the structure of the poem.

Famous acrostic poems throughout history have used the form to write love letters, encourage political rebellion, and play with form. In this article we will discuss how to write an acrostic poem yourself using 5 different forms of acrostic poetry that can inspire or challenge your writing. 

 Here the acrostic form of the poem is used to dedicate the poem to another person. However, there are many more creative uses of the acrostic form, which we will discover in the following examples of acrostic poetry.

As with any form of poetry, poets have looked up to acrostic poetry for centuries. Here are six types of acrostic poems to inspire and challenge you.

A typical acrostic poem uses the first letter or word of each line to spell out the corresponding word or phrase.

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