Sad Poetry in The World

 Sad Poetry in The World

Sad Poetry in The World
 Sad Poetry in The World

Sad poets are often those who make you think. It’s easy to tell a story with them and get away with it if you’re not too worried about what they would mean for your emotions.

 We can look into their eyes and see all we want, even when they talk about how they’ve felt like crying before. This is one of my favorites (and I always loved this quote): "Sadism is a symptom of depression," said author Robert Louis Stevenson. “To suffer like nothing at all. To be entirely miserable.” My mind went blank when reading his words. I think that saying like nothing at all means the most depressing part is just beginning, but then he goes on to say, "To feel entirely miserable. This makes me think of why that's so important." He's talking about wanting something to be happy, and the people that have this experience are people who struggle with suicidal thoughts. Because without feeling truly miserable, there's no way they could ever be happy.

I love this poem by Anna Rolfi, which is very beautiful. She writes poems specifically related to her life experiences and takes us behind the scenes of writing. Her work has been translated into many different languages and can be found online here. Here are some favorite quotes from my collection by her: That one day out of the year that doesn't happen but every now and again a glimpse into the future and yet...the hope is real." - Anna Rolfi

"The only thing to do now is wait. Just remember. And maybe one day I'll be able to reach out and hold her hand." - Anna Rolfi

"You need more sleep than you're imagining because you live your dreams through your imagination." - Anna Rolfi

"My dream is the sun-kissed garden of trees, reds, greens, and roses, the sky full of rain, the sea crystal clear." - Emily Dickinson

"I have had a lot to say but all I can really tell you in these pages is I'm tired of talking too much." - Jean Rhys

"Sometimes I wonder why the earth should keep turning itself upside down." - Sylvia Plath

"I love the sound of crashing waves against a shore," - Ellen Foley

"I’ve got a ball and a ball to put over the edge of the beach and it is going nowhere." - Stephen Sondheim

"It’s not how you feel, but how you feel inside, and if they love you, let them try again and again." - Toni Morrison

"I would hate to think you're mad, but you're not telling me all of what I am." - Alice Walker

"The moon is the light for the shadows, and the stars are the bright stars." - Maya Angelou

"I hope one day soon you'll stop asking so much of me." - Susan Orlean

"Let me close you off so you can hear what I really mean." - Marilyn Monroe

"And this is all I am now. But everything else keeps changing. Everything." - Sarah N. Scott

"The best thing is to go outside the lines and push forward against the wind and you'll keep on fighting." - Amanda Gorman

"I know exactly what it feels like to be lonely, and what the distance feels like." - Lina Houghton

"To have someone to love you is to have a heart inside your chest." - Jane Austen

"I can never give up. You know what? Sometimes I don't think I can." - Judy Collins

"And sometimes I wonder if the whole universe knows all right now about where I'm going to end up." - Judy Woodruff

"I could start the rest of our lives with that same smile, but for some reason I feel like it's better being alone." - Amy Tan

"The world's a place of beauty and fear, a place of madness and peace and great depth. And the best thing you can do for yourself is accept the moment and do what it asks you to do." - Margaret Atwood

"I don't care what other people think." - John Green

"I'm not even sure if I wanna be alive." - Sharon Tate

"I’ll see myself, I’m still looking.

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