Khawab Humsafar Mere

khawab-humsafar- mere
khawab-humsafar- mere


خواب  ہمسفر  میرے 
آس  راہ  گزر میری 

جو کبھی نہیں  ملتی
 ہے وہی  میری  منزل

 پھر بھی بے ارادہ میں 
 اور   پاپیادہ   میں

 چل رہا ہوں  بے مقصد
 بے  یقین  گلیوں  میں 

 بے امان  شہروں  میں
 رات  دن  بھٹکتا  ہوں

 رات  دن  تڑپتا  ہوں
 منتظر  نہیں  کوئی

 میرے  لوٹ  آنے کا
میں سدا  کا  آوارہ 

نہ کوئی  میرا امروز
نہ  کوئی میرا  فردا 

خواب  ہم  سفر  میرے
 آس  راہ  گزر  میری

 بے  ارادہ  چلتا  ہوں
 اور  چلتا  جاتا  ہوں

मेरा सपना साथी
मेरे द्वारा पास

जो कभी नहीं मिलता
  यही मेरी मंजिल है

  फिर भी अनायास ही
  और पापियाड़ा में

  लक्ष्यहीन चलना
  अनिश्चित सड़कों में

  कानूनविहीन शहरों में
  मैं दिन-रात भटकता हूं

  मैं दिन-रात पीड़ित हूं
  इंतजार नहीं करना

  मेरी वापसी का
मैं हमेशा भटक रहा हूं

आज मेरा कोई नहीं है
कोई मेरा व्यक्ति नहीं है

सपना हम अपनी यात्रा
  मेरे द्वारा पास

  मैं लक्ष्यपूर्वक चलता हूं
  और पैदल चलें 

                                       Khawab Humsafar Mere

When a person is hurt in this world, his heart is taken away from the world, then the dream itself seems to be his companion and he likes to live in the imaginary world, his hopes seem to be dreams, this is his destination. Wherever he goes, whether it is a city or a street, his heart is nowhere to be found, day or night he wanders, he has no idea who will wait for him, he begins to search in his thoughts because all his hopes are the same. Khawab Humsafar  Mere.

There are many people in the world who like to live in dreams, ie in imaginary life, but in reality it is a heartbreaking experience. The point is that its real purpose is not so special.Khawab Humsafar  Mere. Man should be realistic and give up the life of such a liar because this is the best world for him.

 This does not mean taking work but getting rid of it. You have to be strong to get it. You have to be able to endure the pain. Khawab Humsafar  Mere.He has to fight hard and have strong nerves in order to recognize the complexities that are expected to affect his life and leave him at a point where success is our destiny and society is our destiny. I can be a servant. Khawab Humsafar  Mere

                                             MERE KHAWAB MERE JUGNU

Mery Kahawab Mery jugnoo is a best novel written by Nimra Ahmed. This novel is about trsust, love care. This novel is the story of two sisters. Usually is seen that there is a lot love between two sisters but in this novel one sister ruin life of other. It is good story to read. The best of  novel is when a boy fall in love with the girl who was paralyzed and her sisters was jealous why he chooses her sister so she decided to tell him lie that the girl he loved is died. And make her sister sure that he was a fraud and he will not come back.This novel is about destiny too. If your decided to meet you someone you love it will happen surely. Read Online best story Mery Kahawab Mery jugnoo by Nimra ahmed.

Sleep flies away. Confession flies away. The destination that is near also seems to go away. 

And the paths seem to open up, that is, what a person thinks happens to him in good fortune. How fortunate that is. Perhaps there will be very few people in the world who will have what they want. 

Loyalty is something that many people want to get in the world, but not everyone gets it and it gives you a lot of joy with the journey, if you are lucky in life. This may be due to the fact that he is loved and met with a sincere heart. If one is sincere with someone, he becomes insane in his memory and his importance increases even more.

 I should never give up the truth. Memories do not allow a person to live long, but they should not give up in it. Remembering that he has to work hard to reach his destination so that he can reach his destination. The steps could not be shaken and they kept moving forward which is like a spring which looks like a beautiful dream, a beautiful scene which Smells like perfume scattering everywhere.

 The man who understands his desire, whether it is night or morning, bears witness to the moon and the stars, as if he has love, and he trusts him in his madness. These scenes look like they were made for that

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