Tanafsy Sang Km Na Thy in Rahon Mai Ay Sahib

Tanafsy Sang Km Na Thy in Rahon Mai Ay Sahib

Tanafsy Sang Km Na Thy in Rahon Mai Ay Sahib

تنفس سنگ کم نہ تھے ان راہوں میں اے صاحب
تم جان کربھی گر پڑے ا ک حسین سمندر میں

इन तरीकों से श्वास के पत्थर कम नहीं थे, सर

आप एक सुंदर समुद्र में गिर गए हैं

Tanafsy Sang Km Na Thy in Rahon Mai Ay Sahib

Tum Jaan Kr Bhi Gir Pary Ik Haseen Samandar  May

    Tanafsy Sang Km Na Thy in Rahon Mai Ay Sahib

Sad poetry is a beautiful confluence of deep emotions and feelings. It is necessary to pay tribute to the beautiful emotion like love which is instilled in a series of words. Readers can see the journey of fascinating imagination in this collection of words.Poetry is a reflection of sensitive emotions, but it burns the pen in today's turbulent environment .Allama Iqbal made a name for himself in Urdu poetry or your poetry became so popular in the world that people were forced to call you a polytheistic poet and you are called a poet of the East in Pakistan which is a great speech.

Urdu poetry expresses our feelings perfectly Many people in the world are forced to live a sad and miserable life who have no support and despair does not follow them. They try hard to change themselves but no one It is very difficult for them to be frustrated in life as they do not see the way, which makes them feel very sad and it becomes even more difficult for them to live their lives in such a way. 

They need a feeling that they can feel happy and forget about grief, but this is only possible when they have someone to support them so that they can live a good and peaceful life. One aspect of this is that they share all their grief. Share with someone so that their burden is lightened and then let them express their feelings in words.Poetry has to be resorted to.  Mere Khawab Reza Reza

                            Love is a difficult destination

It is  not  necessary that a  person be the same  from  the front  as he is from the inside. Nature can be different from one another and nature cannot change. Habit also puts man in different kinds of  things which are very  important  aspects. We need to consider that if the positive attitude is given priority then the atmosphere of prosperity and peace will be maintained in the society.

 If this does not  happen then the negative attitude can invade your social and societal environment  which is the society. And it has a profound effect on a person's life because they are also socially and socially important. Man cannot conform to a good standard when   he can  feel  the  good of  society and  social  nature and  for a  successful   life.

 It is important that the society is understood and the evils that take place in it can  be eliminated. A good environment is created in the society. We have to follow it  to improve it which is due to a good environment. Social and economic life. It has a profound effect on him. Today's  traditions  and  customs  are  socially  preferred, which  is  his. It  is  considered  an  essential  ingredient  but  its  remediation  is considered trivial and this tradition is not considered as necessary which  is  very strange and we have to follow it so that  we can  create a  pleasant  atmosphere.

Every pain teaches man a lesson that changes man as well. Human relationships are formed from the heart and these relationships should be so strong that no one can break them. They should not be like raw threads.It happens to many people in life that even after many things they do not become theirs. Along with them there are some people who quietly claim to be their own and actually support them. Which makes the heart feel relieved.                      

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